Last June 2022 Hours and prices + Agent

Last June 2022 Hours and prices + Agent
Last June 2022 Hours and prices + Agent

Single bus ticket Dara – In Indonesia, there are many bus companies to choose from based on your individual needs.

Each bus carries different advantages to make it more varied.

One of the most popular bus companies in Indonesia is Bus Tunggal Dara.

Single Bus Ticket Dara
Single bus ticket Dara

If you are one of the users and you are looking for a Dara Single Bus agent, we will provide you with more information.

In addition, we will also share information about the Dara Executive Single Bus class and other classes.

Thus, you can travel more planned.

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Out of the many bus fleets in Indonesia, Bus Tunggal Dara is one of the modes of bus transportation that has a good reputation in the eyes of Indonesians.

It is natural that this company is the choice of people to travel.

Bus Tunggal Dara is known as a bus company that has very good and complete facilities and of course the bus ticket prices are also very affordable.

Know if it is an option for all sectors of society.

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Bus Tunggal Dara itself is a bus that was established in 1978 in Wonogiri, Central Java.

Its bus fleet has also grown rapidly compared to other buses.

This is because it has advantages in terms of facilities that are classified as more complete.

This facility then becomes the main attraction for the community.

Not only the facilities that are superior, the Tunggal Dara bus also serves various routes or travel routes that are quite extensive.

The travel route for the Single Dara bus is quite wide because it covers between cities and between provinces.

That way, people who want to cross between cities can use the Tunggal Dara bus.

Likewise, if you want to cross between provinces, this bus may also be the best option.

For people around Wonogiri, of course, it is more flexible to use the Single Dara bus service.

Considering the very rare route of large bus tours to or from Wonogiri.

Very suitable for those of you who want to return to Wonogiri.

Dara single bus class and facilities

Single Bus Dara consists of 3 types of classes that are quite varied.

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The first is business class which is air-conditioned, the second class is Royal Class. Finally there is the business class.

Each class in this PO has similarities and differences in the facilities it offers.

For equality, all Tunggal Dara class buses are buses equipped with air conditioning facilities.

Another thing that the seats of each class of bus have in common is the 2-2 with toilets.

Of the differences, the three types of bus classes have a different number of seats. For business class, air conditioning is equipped with 38 seats.

Unlike the Royal Class bus class, which offers 34 seats.

The last one is the executive bus class that offers 24 seats for each passenger.

In terms of comfort, business class buses are definitely more comfortable. This is because the number of seats it has is less.

This causes the distance between the seats to loosen.

This makes passengers traveling on this bus feel more comfortable.

Dara single bus ticket prices More recent

The following is a list of the latest Dara Single Bus ticket prices we’ve collected:

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Route bus class Price (USD)
Wonogiri – West Java – Jakarta Business 160,000
Wonogiri – West Java – Jakarta royal class 175,000
Wonogiri – West Java – Jakarta Executive 190,000
Jakarta – Alone Business 160,000
Jakarta – Alone royal class 175,000
Jakarta – Alone Executive 190,000
Jakarta–Wonogiri Business 160,000
Jakarta–Wonogiri royal class 175,000
Jakarta–Wonogiri Executive 190,000

NB: Dara single bus ticket prices may change at any time without notice.

Dara Individual Bus Agent List Closest

Here is a list of addresses and phone numbers of the GMS Bus agents closest to your city:

1. Dara Wonogiri Exclusive Bus Agent

  • Address : Jalan Raya Ngadirojo number 22 Wonogiri
  • Telephone: 0273 3211 39 – 3231 44

2. Dara Bekasi Sole Bus Agent

  • Address : Cibitung Arterial Toll Road number 28 Cibitung, Bekasi
  • Telephone: 021 8833 2812 – 8833 3350

3. Dara Ciledug Exclusive Bus Agent

  • Address : Lembang Terminal, Ciledug
  • Telephone: 0815 8055 834

4. Dara Lebak Bulus Sole Bus Agent

  • Address: Terminal Lebak Bulus
  • Telephone: 021 9546 5471

5. Dara Depok Exclusive Bus Agent

  • Address: Depok Terminal
  • Telephone: 0852 1547 7778


That is the Single Bus Dara information you can see.

I hope I can help you during your trip so that it goes smoothly.

You can reach your destination safely and securely. It can be useful!