Last transfer code from BRI to BCA

Last transfer code from BRI to BCA
Last transfer code from BRI to BCA

Transfer code BRI to BCA T – To transfer money from BRI to BCA, there are at least three steps you can follow. First, through the nearest ATM. The second takes advantage of the SMS banking service, and the third uses mobile banking. You can also make transfers through the nearest BRIlink agent.

As one of the state banks with the most clients in the country, this article may be very useful for you in terms of information about Transfer code BRI to BCA. The world of banking has seen more and more developments from time to time.

You can now make interbank transfers anytime, anywhere, including BRI to BCA transfers. This transfer process can be done through ATM, SMS banking or mobile banking.

Although there are many steps you can take to carry out this business transaction, do not forget that there are additional administrative fees charged by the bank. Please read the full steps below till the end for your solution.

Transfer Code Bri To Bca T

The BRI to BCA T transfer code you enter when sending money from BRI Bank is 014

The three-digit code acts as an identity, while several other banks in Indonesia have such a code. So the need is unavoidable when you need to transfer funds from different banks. For example, you need a special bank code for BCA to BRI transfers, because you need to enter the number 002 before the destination BRI bank account number.

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The number 002 is the bank code BRI. Therefore, if you want to transfer from another bank to Bank BRI, you must enter the code 002 before the account number. Meanwhile, the BRI to BCA transfer code is 014. That number is the bank code BCA. So it can’t be wrong, the transfer code is for the destination bank. Similarly, another example of a BSI to BRI transfer code is 014.

Another example, the transfer code to Bank BSI is 451. So if you want to transfer from BCA, Bank Mandiri, BRI, BNI and others. To Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI) you must enter the code 451 before the address account number.

Well, besides that, there is good news. Interbank transfer fees in 21 legal banks have been reduced to IDR 2,500 per business transaction from December 21, 2021. This cost reduction is in line with the legal operation of Bank Indonesia Fast Payment or BI-retail payment mechanism. Fast.

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Some other well-known banks that you need to know the code for are BRI (002), BNI (009), and Bank Berdikari (008). writing patterns Transfer code BRI to BCA via ATM 014 is entered at the beginning of the address account number. Example 01489230XXXXXXX. When sending money using an ATM, you can also find a list of bank codes in the ATM menu options provided.

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Transfer fees from BRI to BCA

In addition to the three-digit transfer code, another point to consider when transferring between banks is the transfer fee. The amount of the transfer fee is different for each bank, depending on the regulations and the money transfer system. The bank administration fee for each transfer to another bank is IDR 6,500.

After knowing the transfer code number from BRI to BCA, you can now send money to BCA account Without fear of being wrong.

How to transfer BRI Bank to BCA through mobile banking

This system can be called the easiest and most efficient. Because there is no need to go to an ATM and only with the capital of the BRI BRI program installed on an Android or iPhone cell phone. Then you can make a transfer to another bank.

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Of course, with a note that your account is active, yes, the mobile BRI. The following requirements must be prior to the transfer using the BRI mobile program

-The mobile BRI program has been installed on the cell phone and the registered number for mobile BRI is installed on the cell phone
-The number has a nominal credit for SMS rates
-HP can connect to the internet

When that’s enough, the following How to transfer BRI Bank to BCA through mobile banking:

  1. Opening of the BRI mobile program
  2. Determine the mobile menu BRI
  3. Define Transfer
  4. Assign to another bank
  5. Looking for a BCA bank
  6. Enter address account number
  7. Enter the amount of the transfer
  8. Enter your PIN
  9. Wait until there is an SMS excerpt from the 3300
  10. Answer YES and be followed by a unique number token sent via SMS 3300
  11. After that, there will be a statement if the transfer has been successful.

That’s above the explanation of Latest BRI to BCA transfer code, thanks for visiting, don’t forget to bookmark for the latest information on the world of banking, business, etc.