Latest Korean Drama Recommendations To Air In April 2022 –

Latest Korean Drama Recommendations To Air In April 2022 –
Latest Korean Drama Recommendations To Air In April 2022 –
Latest Korean Drama Recommendations To Air In April 2022– Let’s take a look at the latest Korean dramas or dramas that are ready to excite and shake the audience, for those of you who are increasingly curious about the latest Korean dramas that are ready to air in April 2022.

As we know, Korean drama lovers are always increasing every year, maybe you are one of them.

If it is true, then you are in the right article, because good news for Korean drama lovers, in April there will be many new Korean drama titles.

For those of you who are looking for the latest Korean drama recommendations that are set to air in April, the following admin will share Latest Korean Drama Recommendations To Air In April 2022.

Let’s immediately see below the recommendations of the latest Korean dramas that you really must watch.

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Latest Korean Drama Recommendations To Air In April 2022


Tomorrow is one of the newer Korean dramas that is a shame to miss, where this Korean drama is based on a webtoon with the same title.

Where in the Korean drama Tomorrow, the audience will be invited to follow the story of Choi Joon-Woong, played by Rowoon SF9.

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Where he will meet two grim reapers, namely Goo Ryun played by Kim Hee-sun and also Kim Ryoong-goo played by Yoon Ji-on.

The two couples will then team up to recruit Joon-Woong as part of their crisis team to carry out an important mission.

Where they carry out a mission to save people who want to commit suicide.

Tomorrow is the latest Korean drama that is set to air on April 1, 2022, every Friday and Saturday night on MBC and available on Netflix.

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Again My Life tells the story of Kim Hee Woo, played by Lee Joon Gi, where he is a prosecutor who does not hesitate to fight against corruption.

But who would have thought that one day, he was brutally murdered by someone he didn’t know.

Miraculously, the angel of death gave him a second chance to live, where in his second life he was given the opportunity to overthrow his powerful enemies.

Kim Hee Woo then accepts the offer to be able to get up again, which is to find his past self in his new body.

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You can then proceed with your new life with your memories and knowledge of your future self.

This Korean drama will air on April 8, every Friday and Saturday, and will air on SBD and the Viu streaming service for certain regions.

Also, here is a romantic comedy drama titled Shmooting Stars, which in this Korean drama will tell about people who work behind the scenes of an entertainment industry, to clean up a mess caused by stars.

Shooting Stars will star Lee Sung-Kyung, who will play Oh Han-Byeol, who is the leader of the public relations team of a management company.

Meanwhile, there will be Gong Tae-Sung, played by Kim Young-Dae, where he is a leading actor at a management company where Oh Han-Byeol works.

Where he is loved by many people is for his famous and educated image.

According to the information we received, Shooting Stars will air on April 23, 2022.

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The next Korean drama that is too bad to miss is Monstrous, where this Korean drama will tell about a town that has to face a disaster.

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Where the disaster was caused by the discovery of a mysterious Buddha statue that was possessed.

Starring Goo Kyo Hwan, who will play an eccentric archaeologist named Jung Ki Hoon who investigates strange supernatural phenomena.

Not only that, this Korean drama will also star Shin Hyun Bin, where he will act as Lee Soo Jin, who is facing a terrible disaster.

Where after that he had to lose his only daughter, and was determined to return and give up everything to return to Jinyang County where he began to experience strange events.

According to the information obtained, Monstrous will soon air on April 30, 2022.

Of course, there will be so many new Korean dramas, which will be ready to air in April 2022, that you really must watch other than the ones that the admin mentioned above.


Enough here, what can the administrator convey, regarding the recommendations for the latest Korean drama to air in April and thank you.

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