Latest prices for Mini Cooper cars

Latest prices for Mini Cooper cars
Latest prices for Mini Cooper cars – Let us see the price of the latest mini cooper that we have provided in this article.

The newest mini cooper car is fantastic and is a high quality car with a tiny capacity.

However, it is well worth what you will enjoy when driving on paved or concrete roads.

Mini Cooper cars are included in the vehicle category of BMW Group Indonesia, small or mini cars are included in the premium cars, which are selling well in the Indonesian market.

This best mini cooper car is very popular and it is the best car that is loved by many, especially the youngsters in this millennial age.

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The mini cooper marketed in Indonesia has offered a variety of eye-catching color variants. One of them can be seen in the list below.

  • mini john cooper works
  • mini clubmen
  • Mini Cabiro
  • mini peasant
  • mini 5 doors
  • mini 3 doors

The variants listed above are all wrapped up with premium designs and features, specifically according to the contents of the bag.


For those of you who are interested in the mini cooper, you can see the details of the mini cooper car price as follows.

For those of you who love four-wheelers belonging to BMW Group, you can get a mini cooper car at an affordable price with the content of your pocket.

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The price of this latest mini cooper car is priced from Rs 465 crore depending on the type and color you choose.

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The number that corresponds to the capacity that you yourself want. However, for those of you who want to have it at a low price, you can have it by buying a used one.

Check out one of the most recent used Mini Cooper price lists and model below. Read on so you can understand it before you buy.

3 Door Copper Mini Hatch

The 3-door mini hatch still has a classic style and a very distinctive, chunky feel. It has gone up a notch using the new twin turbo engine.

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So it’s faster, even more fuel efficient. In addition to what is described above, the 3-door mini can already have its suspension increased.

The design itself is even more impressive with a hexagonal curve and various frames on smooth columns.

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As for the headlights, it looks round, because it is specially designed and slightly wider than the previous one.

So all of that adds a very classy and quirky impression, and is complemented by a shiny chrome frame.