Leaked Prices and Specs of Latest Oppo A96 2022 Mobile Phones

Leaked Prices and Specs of Latest Oppo A96 2022 Mobile Phones
Leaked Prices and Specs of Latest Oppo A96 2022 Mobile Phones

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Now this is no stranger to the word Mobile more recent, especially in our country. Many new mobile phones have appeared. And now a new cell phone has been launched namely Hp Oppo A96.

Oppo A96 will soon be present in Indonesia in the near future. This Oppo A-series cell phone will feature cell phone technology standard bearer and other advanced features.

Oppo A96 Unveiled on (07/03/2022), Oppo in Indonesia leaked its very interesting features and specifications, one of which is the 33W SUPERVOOC TM charging function.

This latest model is expected to be the successor to its predecessor, namely Oppo A95. At yesterday’s launch event, it was mentioned that the Oppo A96 cell phone will be launched in Indonesia in October. 7 April 2022 future.

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This Oppo A96 mobile can be one of your options if you want to change your mobile. But before you buy it, you should first listen to the price and specifications, and then the administrator will discuss it.

Specifications HP Oppo A96

Oppo A96 Hadir Dengan Design Ciamik Cocok Buat Semua Kalang Q04G 1

Oppo A96 it will bring a variety of interesting features to serve and they are usually present in the upper class, one of the interesting features, such as a large battery with 33W SUPERVOOC. And it is that the latest model of this Oppo hp has a fairly large memory capacity.

Another interesting feature of the Oppo A96 cell phone is that it is equipped with IPX4 certificationwhich is claimed to protect the device from splashing water.

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For those of you who are always active all day outdoors, this Oppo cell phone is perfect for you. Because it has a large enough battery capacity, namely: 5000mAhand equipped with cargo fast charge.

Featured Oppo A96

750X500 Intip Spesifikasi Oppo A96 Kapasitas Ram Capai 8 Gb 220330N 1

In addition to having a large 33W SUPERVOOC battery, the Oppo A96 also has other great features, which are as follows.

1. Premium design

Indeed Oppo is known as a mobile with a very good model, and this Oppo A96 can also be one of the Oppo mobiles with a very elegant design.

2. Big battery and fast charging

This Oppo A96 cell phone has quite a large battery capacity of 5000 mAh. In addition, this cell phone is also equipped with fast charging so that you can charge the battery of this cell phone quickly.

3. 16MP front camera

No less good with the rear camera, the front camera for selfies is also quite good in quality, which is 16MP and of course shows your photos to the fullest.

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Oppo A96 cell phone prices leaked in Indonesia

The information about the official price of this Oppo cell phone will be known later in the launch, but based on the Global market, HP Oppo A96 This will be sold at a price of approx. 3.7 million single.

After knowing the specifications of this Oppo phone, there must be some of you who are interested in wanting to have it. And the manager strongly recommends this phone for you to have.

the last word

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