Legal stock trading applications in Indonesia must pay

Legal stock trading applications in Indonesia must pay
Legal stock trading applications in Indonesia must pay

Stock trading is one of the investment models that many people are interested in today, because the profit potential is usually higher than other investment models. In addition, the technological transition also moves the stock market world to be more contemporary.


One of the many types is the preparation of many stock trading applications that can be easily done by people interested in investing through their mobile phones. So what is the best and most requested stock trading app?

Well, here we have rounded up some of the approved stock apps and added them to the legal category.

1. Stockbit

Unlike most stock trading apps, Stokbit was originally a social trading platform where players could trade their news about the world of stocks. Therefore, for beginners who need a deeper insight into stock investing knowledge, they are recommended to use Stokbit.

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Stokbit can not only be used as a place of discussion, but this time it can also be used as a place for direct stock trading. After that, there is also virtual trading, where users can protest with real-time data movements on the BSI or the Indonesian Stock Exchange.


One of the main selling points of Indopremier is that users can start playing stocks with minimal capital. Even users can create accounts without any deposit at least. Indopremier is also one of the leaders in online stock trading and is able to help its users grow through the training and seminars provided.

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List of the most trusted trading apps in Indonesia
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This app offers extension in forex trading
Indopremier provides a lot of participation that is easy to use by all types of investors. The list of accounts in this app is completely online and there is a CS that can be contacted via Telegram.

3.MOST-Mandiri online

MOST-Mandiri Online Trading Supplies is Mandiri Sekuritas’ stock trading application, which provides a simple and easy-to-use user interface for beginners. The minimum pre-deposit set by MOST is actually quite large, but balanced in the amount of benefits provided. Some of these include online client lists, comprehensive mutual funds, in-person and online training contributions, as well as full access to the most trusted Mandiri Sekuritas study daily diagnostic achievement.

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4. Miracle

Ajaib is a new stock trading app owned by Magic Group, which is owned by two companies, Mutual Fund Magic and Ajaib Sekuritas. In its implementation, Ajaib not only prepares stock investments, but also prepares mutual funds.

This way, if users are happy with these 2 investment models, they won’t have to struggle with two different apps. In addition to recommending highly profitable products, Magic can also provide information on the best time to buy and sell stocks. For those who are just learning about stocks, this is highly recommended.