Let Me Go Mr. Hill by South Surface Chapter 2182

Let Me Go Mr. Hill by South Surface Chapter 2182
Let Me Go Mr. Hill by South Surface Chapter 2182

Let Me Go Mr. Hill Novel [Por Shallow South] Chapter 2182

Ryan: [Está bien. Seré bueno y te esperaré.]

He then sent a kissing emoji.

Freya: [Si sigues enviándolos, no volveré más.]

Ryan quickly sent another obedient emoji.


About ten minutes later, he reached the door of the hotel room. The door opened right after she pressed the bell.

Warm air greeted her. Freya strangely began to feel nervous. Actually, it had only been seven or eight days since she last saw Ryan. However, the two felt like they hadn’t seen each other in a long time when they saw each other on New Year’s Eve in Melbourne.

Inside the room, Ryan was wearing a khaki sweater with the collar of a plaid shirt peeking out of the neckline of the sweater. He was wearing a pair of long casual pants under him, which nicely outlined his legs. His aura was smooth, like a smooth and clean piece of gemstone. However, his eyes looked rather tired. They were even bloodshot.

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Have you been very exhausted lately?

“Hello, Happy New Year’s Eve.” Ryan lowered his head and looked at Freya. A vibrant smile appeared in his eyes. “Did you bring this for me?”

Freya bit her lip and looked at him nervously. “These are just remnants of my house. My mom wanted to throw them away, but she brought them to you because I thought it would be a waste.”

“Oh, don’t throw the food. You can only give it to me. She had never eaten food from the southeast side before.”

Ryan tugged on her arm slightly. After leading her inside, he closed the door.

The suite was not large. They were about 40 or 50 square meters. However, it seemed too cramped for a man and woman to be together on such a night.

Freya was very nervous. Ever since Ryan opened up to her, she felt nervous and lost. She was even afraid to spend time alone with Ryan.

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He came back from Canberra in a hurry, mainly because he wanted to avoid it.

There were very few of his belongings in the suite. There was a backpack on the sofa, as well as a padded jacket and a scarf on the hangers. That scarf was the gift Freya gave Ryan last time.

It was just a normal scarf, but she always wore it during the winter.

Ryan walked over and opened the containers. His pale eyes lit up. “Mm, it smells good. Are they baked potatoes?

“Here we have a lot of potatoes, eggs and meat.” Freya opened another container and faked a smile. “This is steak. We eat it on New Year’s Eve every year. I packed a lot for you.

I knew Ryan didn’t like to eat fatty foods. However, she did it on purpose that night.

“Since you are the one who brought it, I have to finish it all.” Ryan grabbed a plate of pasta and began to eat.

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The food was delicious. Although the steak was a bit greasy, it was still tasty and flavorful.

Freya watched him eat with relish with his chin resting on his hands. She was eating well compared to her relatives at her house that night. She knew that her mom and her aunts were good at cooking, but not everyone ate as much as they used to even though her standard of living was improving. Therefore, there were many leftovers.

However, Ryan’s appetite was too great.

“Are you really going to finish all this?”

Freya couldn’t resist asking when she saw him eating another baked potato.

“Why not? This is my first time eating my mother-in-law’s food. I have to finish it all to honor his culinary skills.”

Freya stepped on Ryan right after he said it jokingly.