let me go mr. hill chapter 2685

let me go mr.  hill chapter 2685
let me go mr. hill chapter 2685

Chapter 2685

Ning Xiaoxiao looked at him with incomparable disgust: “You, executioner, have never felt guilty, I personally said that he was Ruan Yan’s childhood friend, but in order to satisfy your own selfish desires, how did you treat her? Friends, you are a pervert, a cold-blooded animal, you are destined to be alone, no one will like you, your family does not like you because they think you are terrible, but it can bring benefits to them.

“There are many women around you, but they are all just for your money and to make profit from you. Your friends seem to be many, but they are all just for their own interests and what they need. When you look at Song Rong’s downfall, those friends have already contacted him?

“Huo Xu may be your only true friend, but he has a family with children, and his wife hates you very much, and it is destined that your brothers will never be the same as before, otherwise you are in jail this time.” Why didn’t he offer to help you…?


Ji Ziyuan hit the table and stood up, and the wine on the table spilled.

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There was silence in the western restaurant, and even the saxophonists stopped.

Ji Ziyuan looked at Ning Xiaoxiao with dark red eyes, “Ruan Yan, do you want to live?”

Su Ge and the others who were standing at the door heard the movement and immediately came over: “Miss Ruan, what happened? “

It’s nothing, I think Mr. Ji won’t act so impulsive here.” Ning Xiaoxiao raised her arm and waved them back with a calm expression: “They started on me as soon as they came out of the prison, not to mention the surrounding area. surveillance, but I was photographed entering the restaurant with you on the way outside, even if you cover the sky with your hands, do you think my friends will not defend me?

Ji Ziyuan smiled, his hands on the table, a tall figure. With overwhelming pressure, she pushed him away, “But sometimes I’m like a lunatic. you want to try? It’s a big problem for both of them. And you, don’t you want to avenge me for the sake of Ning Xiaoxiao?

“Forget it, if I die with you, I don’t want to meet you on Huangquan Road again. It’s very bad.” Ning Xiaoxiao said lightly: “Although I hate you very much, I don’t plan to always take revenge on you, so I can send you. Three months in prison is my greatest skill.”

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“You are very self-aware, but your feelings for Ning Xiaoxiao are the same. You don’t even dare to take revenge on me. Ji Ziyuan sneered, “Didn’t you say that I am the executioner?”

“I dare not, because I know the value of life.”

Ning Xiaoxiao’s eyes were calm, both she and Ruan Yan had died.

In the past, he did not appreciate the life that God had given him and always felt that life was boring.

But that dream made her understand that Ruan Yan gave her this life and let her continue, and that she should not let Ruan Yan’s intentions slip by.

She still has a lot to do.

She wants to revitalize the Ning Group.

“In the end, you’re just scared.” Ji Ziyuan’s mouth was defiant.

Somehow, he hoped that the woman in front of him could take revenge on her.

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If she takes revenge on Ning Xiaoxiao, he appreciates it.

Nobody knew that Ning Xiaoxiao was a thorn in his heart.

“If you are the real Reborn, I can compete with you. If you win, the Ji family will belong to you. If you lose, you will leave Ji’s family.” Ji Ziyuan looked at her and wrote the challenge letter word for word: “You are the first woman who can receive my challenge letter.”

“I have no interest in fighting for Ji, and I don’t know the medical industry. The competition between the two of us may cause confusion for Ji, and even spill over to the hospital below, the end result being that people who need to see a doctor will delay treatment.”

Ning Xiaoxiao shook his head: “I prefer to be a shareholder of Ji, and I also believe in your ability, you can get it every year while sitting at home. Tens of billions of revenue, why not do it?

Ji Ziyuan understood, the corners of his mouth twitched, “Listen to what I want to say to work for you.”