Let Me Go Mr Hill – Chapter 2705 – XH Tales

Let Me Go Mr Hill – Chapter 2705 – XH Tales
Let Me Go Mr Hill – Chapter 2705 – XH Tales

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Chapter 2705

“What are you thinking, you didn’t feel sorry for me, on the contrary, you helped me a lot.” Ning Xiaoxiao said seriously.

“Okay, Xiaoxiao, no matter how you wash some things, when you were in prison, apart from Ji Ziyuan, you couldn’t get rid of Alvin.” Lisa calmly said, “At the time you were sentenced, I didn’t really care. The way to forgive Alvin, it was his stupidity with Ji Ziyuan and Song Rongshi that hurt you, but I thought I forgive him a few years after your death, this matter has always been a thorn in my heart.”

“Once he killed Lu Liyang, who lost a finger. Later, Alvin cut off his finger and compensated Lu Liyang, but no one can pay for your life. Come down, after all, who does not want to use his own body.”

“I am very grateful to Ruan Yan, if she hadn’t given up her life, you could have left, since it was Pei Mochen who hurt her, so I will help her. , it can be considered that she makes me feel more at ease”.

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Ning Xiaoxiao was silent.

Although he has a very good relationship with Lisa.

But if you want to ask her what her impression of Alvin is, to be honest, she doesn’t like Alvin.

Because Alvin believed in Ning Lexia a lot back then.

When he found out that his parents had died in prison, he put Alvin and Ji Ziyuan at the top of the hate list.

You can like a person, but why do you like being blind in both eyes?

Lisa continued, “One more thing, I heard that someone has been asking about the Ning Group’s situation recently, and it seems that they intend to buy it at a high price. That person is you.


Ning Xiaoxiao was dumbfounded.

It’s also a problem if your girlfriend is too smart.

At first, Zhao Xin was asked to inquire about the Ning Group’s situation, but the result was that after Ning Zetan sold the company, it fell to Lisa after several internal rotations.

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He asked directly, Lisa definitely wouldn’t be ashamed to ask for her money and would definitely give it to her.

One Ning, no matter how bad, is tens of millions.

Why did he take over in vain? Ning Xiaoxiao solemnly said

, “If the friendship between two people is going to last a long time, we cannot blindly take advantage of you. Besides, I don’t lack money.

“But I’m not short of money, either.”

Will you accept it for free? Ning Xiaoxiao asked.

Lisa was speechless for a while.

After a long time, he smiled bitterly: “Okay, I respect your opinion. I have a contract here. You can give me as much as I bought before. If it’s okay in the morning, we’ll do the paperwork.”

“In agreement.”

Jiang She hung up the phone and went back to the study to get materials after breakfast.

But I couldn’t find it after searching for a long time.

“Wife, what are you looking for?” Alvin, who had sent the boy to kindergarten, came back and couldn’t help but ask when he saw the mess that was turning upside down.

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“Where are the Ning Group documents?” Lisa asked.

“I helped you put the safe last time.” Alvin helped her find the document, “Why do you want this all of a sudden?”

“Sell it.”

Alvin was stunned, “Why, you didn’t buy it for Ning Xiaoxiao earlier. Well, you said this is the only thing you can do for her.


Lisa gave him a complicated look.

You can’t tell him that Ning Xiaoxiao isn’t dead.

Just this traitor, maybe he will tell Ji Ziyuan in the next second.

“After thinking about it, I’m actually not very good at taking care of it and I’ve been losing money. It’s better to sell it than that.” Lisa said: “I have found a suitable buyer, don’t worry, don’t worry about it.”

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