Lightroom’s orange toned formula, leaves the color so beautiful.

Lightroom’s orange toned formula, leaves the color so beautiful.
Lightroom’s orange toned formula, leaves the color so beautiful. – Rumus Lightroom Orange Tone – This time at Teknohow we will share the orange hue formula for free and it is very easy to follow. The effect produced by the Lightroom Orange Tone formula is very interesting.

This orange tint preset is ideal for any type of photo that uses natural photo base colors for easy editing. The orange hue gives an uplifting, warm and inviting impression just by looking at it.

This is in contrast to the celebgram lightroom formula which focuses on the angle at which you take your photo in the most attractive way possible so that the photo looks as captivating as a celebrity.

If the edit does not turn orange, it is because the base color of the photo is not natural. This is because the default colors in the Lightroom edit mix with the new colors.

Rumus Lightroom Orange Tone
Rumus Lightroom Orange Tone

Teknohow always share premium lightroom presets for free and always easy to follow. Oh yeah, this Lightroom tutorial was made using Lightroom Android/Mobile. Because it is easier to use than the PC version.

This orange hue formula from Lightroom can be used for any subject. Because this preset is very pleasing to the eye. His demeanor is cheerful, warm and not too flashy. Therefore, the orange tone preset can be selected in photo editing.

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Using the lightroom mobile app that you can get for free on the play store. Even with the free features of Lightroom, you can edit your photos for the best results.

If you are using a low-end phone with 1 GB of RAM, we recommend that you use version 4.1.1 or lower so that you can use the application smoothly and comfortably without hiccups.

Tutorial Edit Photo Lightroom Orange Tone Mobile

Before I get into the orange toned photo editing tutorial, I want to emphasize that the base color of the photo is definitely different, so you’ll need to readjust it to maximize the result.

The photo I use here is the natural color of the photo, so that it is very easy to process later. Without a doubt, this Lightroom formula is a good one to try.

This orange lightroom tutorial is focused on mobile lightroom users because it is more practical and easy to use. You can use this preset for a variety of photos in light colors.

Rumus Lightroom Mobile Orange Tone

First, go to the Lightroom app. Upload the photo you want to edit and we recommend using an outdoor photo so the orange tones look more vivid and fresh when you view them later.

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Turning on

Lightroom Orange Tone Lighting Formula
Lightroom Orange Tone Lighting Formula

If you enter the LIGHT menu, here are the settings:

  • Exposure: 0.12EV
  • Contrast : 16
  • Featured : -25
  • Shadows: 45
  • Whites: -70
  • Blacks: -15

Once you enter curve mode you can follow as illustrated or navigate yourself for best results.

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If you go into the COLOR menu, here are the settings:

  • Temperature : 8
  • Tint: 8
  • Intensity: 21
  • Saturation : 4


Lightroom Orange Tone Effect Formula
Lightroom Orange Tone Effect Formula

If you go into the EFFECT menu, here are the settings:

  • Texture : 20
  • Clarity : 16
  • Remove haze : 14
  • Vignette : 1


The photo I used had a light background color, so I increased the exposure a bit more to 0.12EV to make the orange tint effect pop more. The Orange Hue preset should look bright, but don’t go overboard with the lighting, as it will make your photo look unsightly.

Rumus Lightroom Orange Tone V2

The Lightroom Orange Tone formula is quite popular with the public. To that, let’s add a modern and fresh light orange formula. You can follow the Lightroom formula below.

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Turning on

  • Exposure : 0.00EV
  • Contrast : 25
  • Featured : 50
  • Shadows: 10
  • Whites: 45
  • Blacks: -15


  • Temperature : 4
  • Tint : 0
  • Intensity: 30
  • Saturation: 10

Mix of colors

Color Hue Saturation luminance
Orange -40 fifteen
Yellow -100 fifty twenty
Green -100 100
Water -100


  • Texture : 35
  • Clarity : -10
  • Remove haze: 10
  • Vignette: -15
  • Midpoint: 50
  • Feather: 50

split tone

H yes

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Teknohow emphasizes that the Orange Tone preset can be used as a reference to create Lightroom’s Orange Tone formula. You can develop this orange tone preset much better than the previous tutorial.

This is just an example to help you create a good orange tone preset, but you have to be careful what photos you use because the base color is different for every photo. Therefore, it must be readjusted.

For those new to the Lightroom mobile app, we’ve also created an easy-to-follow Lightroom for Beginners tutorial.


That’s a review of the tutorial. Rumus Lightroom Orange Tone that you can follow Thank you for visiting Teknohow. Stay tuned for more interesting articles on Lightroom. See you later…