Link to Chung Thi Chung’s Hot Tiktok Video

Link to Chung Thi Chung’s Hot Tiktok Video
Link to Chung Thi Chung’s Hot Tiktok Video
Link To Chung Thi Chung'S Hot Tiktok Video
Link to Chung Thi Chung's Hot Tiktok Video 3

Link Video Chung Thị Chung hot Tiktok của – Hello, my name is Nguyen Thi Chung. Less fortunate than many other young people of the same age, I was born into a family with difficult circumstances, where parents fought and quarreled. I always had to live my childhood with anxiety, fear of not being as sweet as other children. I am also known by another name, Chung Thi Chung. Now, I am writing this article to trust you, to share with you what I have been through in the past.

Childhood is full of difficulties.

I was born into a poor family in Thuy Nguyen District, Hai Phong. Every day, my mother has to get up early at 4 am and come home at 7 or 8 pm My mother does a lot of work like selling vegetables, tubers, fruits, bottles, etc. At noon she had to take the opportunity to cook rice for the two brothers. Unlike many other families, my father is not the main breadwinner because he is an alcoholic and a gambler. Because of alcohol and gambling, his mother and his daughter had to suffer with his father. Normally, it’s fine, every time there is a little yeast, my father beats his wife and curses the children, making the whole village not afraid, since my brother and I were young. As a result, my brother did not receive a good education like many others and he had to work many jobs to earn a living and support his family.

difficult childhood years

From a very young age, I repeatedly saw my father hit and slap my mother across the face. Sometimes my father beat my mother, he broke my arm, he broke my leg, he threatened to burn down my house with gasoline, he threatened to cut my mother with a knife.

A month has 30 days, 29 days, mother and daughter have to go through moments of anxiety, fear, cold nights and “dew peak” of the northern winter, mother and daughter have to sleep in the same place, a restaurant. The farmhouses, the bushes, under the bridge… 3-4 in the morning I could only sleep because of the cold and hunger.

Sometimes I feel sorry for myself because my parents are very happy at home. Her husband never hit or scolded his wife. Looking at his family, he only wishes he could live in a family without violence, he only wishes he could live in a family without violence like everyone else. When I was a child, there was no history of being carried on my shoulders by my father like many other children, playing and going to school while he played.

I also didn’t have the opportunity to pull out my father’s gray hair. I never dared to say or whisper anything to my father. In sixth grade, my mother and I were kicked out of the house. The three of us had to go to a relative’s fish shack to stay.

Those poor, miserable childhood days, they suffered so much frustration and pain. It will probably haunt me for the rest of my life, and I will never forget it. In the 9th grade, my father got sick, my mother and I returned home to take care of him, the days of cursing and domestic violence continued. ancient.

Because of that, I flunked high school, I thought my life was over like this, but still I tried to study for the high school exam while learning the barber profession, I started earning my first coins. My mother had to pay the debt due to a business loss and exorbitant interest because her father borrowed interest from the social community to gamble. As for my brother, he was married at the time. I have 2 small children so I have to take care of myself.

Link To Chung Thi Chung'S Hot Tiktok Video
Link to Chung Thi Chung’s Hot Tiktok Video

Until the 11th grade, my father died of tuberculosis. The loss of his father, the pressure of work, family, friends, studies, everything fell on a 17-year-old girl like me, it seemed that she could not get through those days.

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  • Getting ready to go to Korea

That day in my town there was a movement to study abroad because I earned a lot of money to help my family, in grade 12 I decided to study the language to go to Korea to take care of my family’s debt. My mother and I are trying to borrow 300 million from relatives and banks to send our children to study abroad. Although I don’t know if the result is high or not, I don’t regret it. However, luck finally smiled on me, my family sold the land, moved out and paid off all the debt before my father took out a black loan. Life in Korea is hard, but nothing compared to me before. After coming to Korea, I made my own career as a hairdresser in Vietnam and by selling cosmetics, on average I can spend about 28 hours a week to pay for my independent living in Korea. , send money to mom. pay debt at home and take care of mother and daughter at home. My life turned to another page when I met the sisters, they were very kind and understanding, all the efforts in the past did not disappoint me.

Chung’s current work

Chung is currently a brand ambassador for Jeeara Co., Ltd., which is owned by stylist Pham Thi Lan Huong. In addition, she also has a tiktok account with 2.1 million followers and 29,000 followers on Facebook. Please continue to follow me and support me.

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