List and explanation of traveling items in Mobile Legends

List and explanation of traveling items in Mobile Legends
List and explanation of traveling items in Mobile Legends

When playing Mobile Legends, we have to use Article the right one for how to play
of play can function optimally.

Talking about Articlethen surely we can not miss Article
wanderwhich by the way can increase stats hero a team.

Due to the general effect, the use of Article
this has to be ok. Well, if you want to know more about what it is Article wanderyou can refer to the following explanation.

Item roaming feature in Mobile Legends

Article roam in Mobile Legends has a feature to provide special effects on everything hero
equipment. Especially when you want to be the initiator to start war inside play.

The effects given vary, depending on the traveling element you use. There is an increase in speed, physical attack and Magicadditional health point (HP) and give damage additional.

But for the record, when using Article wander You will not get gold and EXP from creep. Therefore, generally Article this is very suitable for heroes to wear tank Y support for.

Jenis Item Roaming

statistics given traveling element
different, and here you have to choose the right one. Well, if you want to know the type, you can check the following:

1. Dire Hit (Pasif Skill)

Item Roam Dire Hit Mobile Legends

Article this allows your hero to give damage
an additional 7 to 18 percent of maximum
HP of the opponent, with a note hero the opponent has 35% HP or less.

Article this is suitable for use by semi support hero. For example, a hero with ultimate ability
with damage the big one.

Damage later it can be maximized. Up to HP hero
the opponent will immediately decrease drastically.

2. Favor (Passive Skill)

Element Roam Favor Mobile Legends

Article has a passive ability that can give 480 to 1200 HP every 15 seconds to hero with the least amount of HP.

Ability this is possibly suitable for those of you who are using hero tank either support for.

because with Article you can protect this hero the team with the lowest HP. A little note, you should also use hero with ability cicatrization.

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3. Hide (Active Skill)

Item Roam Hide Mobile Legends

when they used, ability Article will make you and hero the team went into camouflage mode. Also, you will get speed
an additional 30 to 75 percent for 5 seconds.

This camouflage mode should be noted, it will disappear when hero Give or receive damage.
Article is a good place to start war and suitable for use hero which has ability crowd control.

4. Encourage (Pasif Skill)

Element Roam Foster Mobile Legends

Article this is the same as before, suitable for starting heroes and maxing out when you want to start war.

Article has passive ability it can be better physical
Y magic damage by 15 to 38 points to the whole team. Not only that, Article
it will also increase attack speed by 15 percent.

Anime is highly recommended for those of you who want support for hero with high ASPD. For example, like Miya, Bruno, Alucard, etc.

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the last word

Well that’s the explanation. Article wander in Mobile Legends. If you are a player who likes to use hero tank either support forhighly recommended take away article-article previously described.

with notes, Article used is appropriate. that’s fine with ability the hero used and the composition hero others on the same team.

If you have any questions, write them in the comment column below.

It can be useful.

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