List of UMR, UMP and UMK in South East Sulawesi 2022

List of UMR, UMP and UMK in South East Sulawesi 2022
List of UMR, UMP and UMK in South East Sulawesi 2022

List of UMR, UMP and UMK in South East Sulawesi– Indonesian provinces have now established the Provincial Minimum Wage or UMP, one of which is the Provincial Government of Southeast Sulawesi, which has provided regulations related to the 2022 Southeast Sulawesi minimum wage, the amount, the data of calculation and other supporting data matching.

The minimum wage provision is an attempt by the provincial government to equalize workers. The Southeast Sulawesi regional government has set a minimum wage increase of 0.7% or equivalent to Rs 15,000 in the province by 2022.

Latest UMP, UMR and Southeast Sulawesi UMK

Southeast Sulawesi is an Indonesian province located in the southeastern part of the island of Sulawesi. This province also has a geographic point south of the equator, 02°45′ to 06°15′ North Latitude and 120°45′ to 124°30′ East Longitude, with a land area of ​​38,140 square kilometers and an area of waters of 110,000 square kilometers. kilometres.

Southeast Sulawesi Economic Growth

Economic growth in South East Sulawesi will pick up in 2021 due to renewed community mobility and business players performing in line with national and global economic developments, including during PPKM. The speed and success of the vaccine program became a new chapter in determining the economic growth of Southeast Sulawesi in 20021.

According to Southeast Sulawesi chief Bappeda, the main pillar contributing to the sulfur economy is the agricultural sector. Agriculture itself has been of great value for the last 4 years, contributing around 32.6% to the economy of South East Sulawesi. The economic improvement in South East Sulawesi is also supported by a positive trend.

Factors for the increase in UMP, UMR and UMK in Southeast Sulawesi

The amount of South East Sulawesi PMU provided by the Government of South East Sulawesi is supported by several factors including economic growth of 7.07%, government consumption of 8.06%, household consumption of 5, 93%, LNPRT consumption of 4.12%, the national economy, abroad, Manufacturing, trade, transportation, food and beverage industry, accommodation and health services.

The provincial minimum wage, of course, refers to the economic development of South East Sulawesi. This is because the increase in the PMU will be supported by the economy and the work system of the related sector. If you look at the data for the last 7 years, the current minimum wage in South East Sulawesi is pretty fast compared to the last 3 years.

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Southeast Sulawesi UMP 2019

The South East Sulawesi Provincial Government saw a growth of 8.03% or Rs 174,817.36 in 2019. The UMP in 2019 was set at Rs 2,351,870.36. The increase in the UMP by 8.03% is a national figure calculated according to official figures.

Southeast Sulawesi UMP 2020

The South East Sulawesi government again announced on November 1, 2019 to increase the UMP by 8.51% or Rp. 200.144.17. The minimum wage increase in South East Sulawesi has now even reached Rp. 2,552,014.52, a figure higher than last year.

Southeast Sulawesi UMP 2021

In 2021, the UMP of South East Sulawesi is Rp. 2,552,014.52 or maintain the figure of the provincial minimum wage of last year. The absence of this increase does not mean that there is no clear cause, but the results do not support it based on calculations and tests with existing data. So far, the related parties and the leadership of the Southeast Sulawesi Provincial Government have decided that there will be no additions in 2021.

Southeast Sulawesi PMU 2022

Therefore, the increase in the PMU in South East Sulawesi in 2022 may be a breath of fresh air for workers, because previously there was no increase in the PMU last year.

Not big enough compared to the previous UMP of IDR 2,552,014, now in 2022 it has switched to IDR. 2,710,595.

This increase was also officially and legally determined by the Government of South East Sulawesi as stated in the South East Sulawesi Governor’s Decree No. 607 of 2021 against the UMP of 2022, which came into effect on January 1, 2022 until December 31, 2022.

Minimum wage in Indonesia in 2021

For comparison, the following is the 2021 UMP list:

Province minimum salary
aceh Rp 3,165,031.00
North Sumatra Rp 2,499,423.06
West Sumatra Rp 2,484,041.00
South Sumatra Rp 3,043,111.00
Riau Rp 2,888,564.01
riau islands Rp 3,005,460.00
Jambi Rp 2,630,162.13
Bangka Belitung Rp 3,230,023.66
bengkulu Rp 2,215,000.00
Lampung Rp 2,432,001.57
DKI Jakarta Rp 4,416,186,548
West Java Rp 1,810,351.36
Central Java Rp 1,798,979.00
East Java Rp 1,868,777.08
DI Yogyakarta Rp 1,765,000.00
banten Rp 2,460,996.54
bali Rp 2,494,000.00
South Borneo Rp 2,877,448.59
East Kalimantan Rp 2,981,378.72
West Borneo Rp 2,399,698.65
Central Kalimantan Rp 2,903,144.70
North Kalimantan Rp 3,000,804.00
South Sulawesi Rp 3,165,876.00
North Sulawesi Rp 3,310,723.00
South East Sulawesi Rp 2,552,014.52
Central Sulawesi Rp 2,303,711.00
West Sulawesi Rp 2,678,863.10
Gorontalus Rp 2,788,826.00
West Nusa Tenggara Rp 2,183,883.00
East Nusa Tenggara Rp 1,950,000.00
moluccas Rp 2,604,961.00
north moluccas Rp 2,721,530.00
Papua Rp 3,516,700.00
West Papua Rp 3,134,600.00
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Indonesian PMU List 2022

As a comparison with other provinces, the following administrator attaches the number of PMUs in all of Indonesia in 2022.

1. Aceh IDR 3,166,460

2. North Sumatra IDR 2,522,609

3. West Sumatra IDR 2,512,539

4. South Sumatra IDR 3,144,776

5. Riau IDR 2,938,564

6. Riau Islands IDR 3,050,172

7. Jambi IDR 2,649,034

8. Bengkulu IDR 2,238,094

9. Lampung Rp 2,440,485

10. Bangka Belitung Islands IDR 3,264,883

11. DKI Jakarta IDR 4,641,854

12. West Java IDR 1,841,486

13. Central Java IDR 1,812,935

14. DI Yogyakarta IDR 1,840,915

15. East Java IDR 1,891,567

16. Banten Rp 2,501,202

17 Bali IDR 2,516,971

18. West Nusa Tenggara IDR 2,207,212

19. East Nusa Tenggara IDR 1,975,000

20. West Kalimantan IDR 2,434,327

21. Central Kalimantan IDR 2,922,515

22. South Borneo IDR 2,906,472

23. East Kalimantan IDR 3,014,496

24. North Kalimantan IDR 3,016,738

25. North Sulawesi Rp 3,310,723

26. Central Sulawesi IDR 2,390,739

27. South Sulawesi IDR 3,165,876

28. Southeast Sulawesi IDR 2,710,595

29. Gorontalo Rs 2,800,580

30. West Sulawesi IDR 2,678,863

31. Moluccas IDR 2,619,312

32. North Moluccas IDR 2,862,231

33. West Papua IDR 3,200,000

34. Papua IDR 3,561,932

Southeast Sulawesi UMK 2022

In addition to the UMP, Southeast Sulawesi has also established a regency or city minimum wage in 2022. All determination amounts have been established in the Governor’s Decree No. 635 of 2021 on Kendari City Minimum Wage of 2022 and SK Kep. Governor. Southeast Sulawesi No. 643 Year 2021.

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The following is a list of the Southeast Sulawesi City/Regency Minimum Wages (UMK) for 2022:

South East Sulawesi City of Kendari Rs 2,768,592 Rs 2,823,315 Governor’s Decree Number 635 of 2021 regarding the Minimum Wage of the City of Kendari in 2022
Kolaka (District) $2,922,773

Kep. Governor. Southeast Sulawesi No. 643 Year 2021

Frequently asked questions

Here are some questions about the South East Sulawesi 2022 UMP, UMK and UMR list:

  • Will the 2022 Southeast Sulawesi UMP increase?
    Up 0.7% compared to last year’s UMP
  • What is the Southeast Sulawesi UMP 2022?
    The Southeast Sulawesi Provincial Minimum Wage (UMP) 2022 is Rp. 2,710,595.
  • Can the South East Sulawesi UMP, UMR and UMK change?
    Every year, it should change according to the developments, either up or down.
  • Is the amount of UMP of South East Sulawesi legal and inviolable?
    It is legal, because it was decided directly through the Decree of the Governor of South East Sulawesi Number 635

This is the information regarding the list of UMP, UMR and UMK in South East Sulawesi in 2022. All the values ​​or amounts of UMP, UMR and UMK above have been in accordance with the Decree of the Governor of South East Sulawesi.

Hopefully, the information above can answer all your confusing questions about the minimum wage in South East Sulawesi in 2022.

Management also attached the amount of UMK from South East Sulawesi in 2022 as set out in South East Sulawesi Governor’s Decree Number 635 on Regency or City Minimum Wages.

The above amount is inviolable and is valid from January 1, 2022 until the end of 2022.

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