Liverpool fans praised by French Senate as Reds supporters demand apology for Stade de France fiasco – Onemic9ja

Liverpool fans praised by French Senate as Reds supporters demand apology for Stade de France fiasco – Onemic9ja
Liverpool fans praised by French Senate as Reds supporters demand apology for Stade de France fiasco – Onemic9ja
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French Senator Francois-Noel Buffet praised the Liverpool fans and made it clear that the Senate knows they did not cause chaos at the Stade de France. (Photo by Daniel Pier/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Liverpool fans have been praised in the French senate after giving their testimonies on the official investigation into the chaos at the Stade de France ahead of the UEFA final on May 28.

Reds fans Ted Morris and Joe Blott, representing the Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association and the Spirit of Shankly Fans Union respectively, gave harrowing accounts of the chaos ahead of Liverpool vs. .

The chairman of the inquiry, Francois-Noel Buffet, made it clear before the fans’ hearing began on Wednesday afternoon that “we know that the English football fans were not the cause of what happened”, after the minister of the French Interior, Gérald Darmanin, Paris police chief Didier Lallement and UEFA’s executive director of events, Martin Kanner, had tried to blame fans for the fiasco in previous Senate hearings.

Liverpool fans, including women and children who arrived early for the match, were tear-gassed by French riot police, forced to crush dangerously outside closed turnstiles and denied entry to the stadium despite showing .

Morris and Blott, along with Ronan Evain and Pierre Bathélemy of the European democratic supporters’ organization Football Supporters Europe, spent 90 minutes giving a timeline of what happened at the Stade de France and berating politicians for the falsehoods that had been spread since the final.

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Authority figures such as Darmanin and sports minister Amélie Oudéa-Castéra have blamed as many as 30-40,000 tickets from Liverpool fans trying to enter the stadium for injuries sustained by supporters. Since then, the figures have been completely discredited and no politician, police representative or UEFA official has produced a shred of audiovisual evidence to support their version of events.

“I never want to go back to Paris if we are going to be treated the same way in the future,” Morris explained. ‘There have been so many lies about what happened from those in power here.

“I started getting messages saying disabled people were being tear gassed and they were terrified. Some feared for their lives. Only thanks to the great behavior of the Liverpool fans was a catastrophe averted. No one in a position of power came to help disabled fans.

Morris went on to give examples of specific trauma suffered by disabled Liverpool fans.

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Liverpool fans were locked outside the turnstiles for hours without access to drinking water or toilets. (Getty Images Europe)

“A 14-year-old disabled ventilator has burns from the effects of tear gas,” Morris said. “He went to the game with his dad and was excited, but he was terrified. There was a disabled fan who attended the match with his elderly father. He was attacked by a gang of locals and his belongings were stolen.

‘A shocking deal was done to men, women and children with disabilities. They were treated like animals. This is a shame for the authorities. Gérald Darmanin has embarrassed France and the French government. His lies made things much worse. He should apologize or resign. His lies have reminded us of those after Hillsborough. He should be ashamed.

For Blott, the police used dangerous biases to plan their strategy for the event.

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Liverpool fans with legitimate tickers were denied entry to the Stade de France. (Credits: AP)

“Liverpool fans have traveled across Europe this season, to Spain, Portugal and Italy with zero arrests, zero known risk fans, zero preventive arrests and zero expulsions from stadiums,” he explained. ‘Over 25,000 fans displayed exemplary behavior throughout the season. Why was Liverpool fans’ record of good behavior ignored? Police got stuck in the 1980s and believed lies about the Hillsborough disaster.

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“The hooligans that the French police spent months preparing for from Liverpool simply do not exist. They didn’t alter their tactics when the hooligans didn’t come and instead treated families, children and people with disabilities like criminals.”

Blott concluded his testimony by calling for the French Senate to prove the truth and for those who have lied about the events at the Stade de France to face the consequences.

“We demand a full apology and a retraction of the lies,” he said.

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A survey revealed that 76% of French people believe that Gérald Darmanin is lying about what happened at the Stade de France. (Credits: AP)

Thanking Liverpool supporters for taking the time to travel to Paris to give their testimonial in person, Chairman Buffet made insightful remarks.

“Many thanks to Joe Blott and Ted Morris for coming to speak before the Senate,” the senator said. ‘Your testimony is extremely important to us. What happened to you is unacceptable.

The Senate investigation will continue, and its end date is unknown, but the empathy and gratitude shown towards fans will reinvigorate those in Liverpool and around the world who have been shocked and horrified by the French authorities’ attempts to divert the blame.

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