Lock button not working on iPhone: here is the solution

Lock button not working on iPhone: here is the solution
Lock button not working on iPhone: here is the solution

The lock button that can be found on iPhone 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 that can sometimes called the home button, lock button, sleep button, and also the power off button, you can be very frustrating if it ever gets damaged or broken, in this tutorial we are going to look on some ways to fix lock button not working on iPhone.

The funny thing is that iPhone lock button not working issue is a known issue for the Apple phone company/producers, and some iPhone users have even taken it. Apple as a company on trial for this the lock button does not work issues according to news, it was a deliberate design issue on the part of the company, anyway, that’s not the problem, we will see the problems and how to solve it.

Reason for lock button problems and how to fix them

Some of the basic reasons why the iPhone might have the lock button issue are mainly when you have a hard crash, you may not have a physical hardware problem, but you could has some software lock issues, which could definitely affect how the lock button works, like mine, decides to work anytime you want.

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If your iPhone warranty is still available and hasn’t expired, you can get your faulty lock button repaired at any iPhone store at no cost, or visit any qualified iPhone repairer in your area and fixing it could cost you some money.

As I mentioned earlier, hard drops can also affect the phone’s software, and it can fix it, I’d rather my phone have software issues than hardware issues, because of the In fact, I can trust myself to fix any software-related problem and I can’t trust anyone in my locality to do the hardware for me as I can’t get an iPhone outlet to fix it. one thing i like about ios in ios is there is a little known feature that can help tremendously when lock buttons stop working on your iPhone.

To access this feature, go to Settings > General > Accessibility. There, scroll down to click AssistiveTouch and slide the switch so that it appears green.

  • Solution 3 – Enable Assistive Touch

While your malfunctioning power button is presumably a hardware problem, We recommend that you enable Assistive Touch in the meantime until you fix it. healthcare Touch is an intuitive on-screen feature designed to help users control some functions right in one place: a little bubble on the screen. The Assistive Touch has many features including a fix for power button malfunction. That is how to enable Assistive Touch on your iPhone.

  • open your device
  • From the Settings app, scroll down a bit and tap General, then open
  • In the Accessibility options, select Assistive Touch.
  • Tap the Assistive Touch switch to enable it. You will see a circular shaped bubble in your screen. You can drag the bubble to a perfect position if you don’t like the default position. How to lock the screen with Assistive Touch After enabling Assistive Touch on your iPhone, turning off your screen is relatively simple.
  • Tap the on-screen bubble to open Assistive Touch options.
  • From there select
  • Tap on the lock screen to turn off your screen.
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That’s it for turning off the screen. You can always wake up your screen using the home screen button/Touch ID if you use an iPhone 8 or below. To a greater extent, you can enable.

Pick up to wake from your screen settings to wake up the screen every time you pick up your iphone It’s easy to make Raise to Wake easy if you don’t already have it. just go to Settings > Display & Brightness, then turn on Raise to Wake from there.

If the above solutions don’t work, try cleaning the button and make sure Do not use water or any liquid that may further damage the phone. First, try clicking the power button a few times to see if you can get tactile feedback.

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One more thing that can cause your iPhone power button not to work properly is if it is Running buggy software. Probably when your iPhone is not up to date or when the iOS. The build you are running has some errors or crashes. A common way to rectify that is check and update your iOS to the latest version.

Lastly, if any of the above solutions do not work, then you will need to visit a professional to have it fixed. and you will have to pay a certain amount of money.