Look for discounts on ASUS OLED laptops at Indocomtech 2022

Look for discounts on ASUS OLED laptops at Indocomtech 2022
Look for discounts on ASUS OLED laptops at Indocomtech 2022

Jakarta, Gizmology – Asus’ latest product lines were showcased at the Indocomtech 2022 event. The devices Asus exhibited at the event included gaming laptops, content creator laptops, and laptops with 4G/5G connectivity.

ASUS booth at Indocomtech 2022 comes with a modern concept that emphasizes experience. Where Indocomtech 2022 visitors can directly test the quality of laptops with ASUS OLED display, which is the best laptop display technology today.

The laptop product lines on show range from mainstream consumer laptops, like the Vivobook line, to premium classes, like the Zenbook. Including the new line of Asus ExpertBook business notebooks that already support 5G mobile networks.

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Asus also set up a special booth for the ROG line of gaming laptops. A dedicated booth for visitors to view various lines of Asus ROG gaming laptops, such as ROG Flow Z13, ROG Zephyrus Duo 16, and ROG Zephyrus G14.

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“Not only that, Asus is also introducing special discounts and promotions for Indocomtech 2022,” Asus Indonesia said in its official statement.

During the Indocomtech 2022 exhibition, visitors can purchase ASUS laptops at special discounts. For ROG and TUF gaming laptops, ASUS offers a purchase discount of up to IDR 3,000,000.

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Meanwhile, Vivobook and Zenbook consumer laptops will offer discounts of up to IDR 2,000,000, and ExpertBook business laptops will come with purchase discounts of up to IDR 5,000,000.

Asus Laptop Auction & Tournament

Not only that, ASUS has also prepared various attractive no-raffle prizes for every ASUS laptop purchase. The prizes that have been awarded include exclusive ASUS products towards the purchase of Vivobook and Zenbook laptops, as well as gaming accessories towards the purchase of ROG and TUF gaming laptops.

“ASUS also offers special prizes in the form of a mechanical keyboard for the purchase of laptops with Intel processors, as well as additional exclusive products for the purchase of laptops with AMD processors.”

To liven up the Indocomtech 2022 exhibition, ASUS is also holding a laptop auction that will be held directly at the ASUS and ROG booths. Auctions are held daily from June 22-26, 2022, 3:30 p.m. WIB and 6:30 p.m. WIB.

“Get the latest ASUS and TUF laptops from Vivobook Ultra 15 OLED (K513), Vivobook Pro 14 OLED (K3400), TUF Gaming F15 to ExpertBook B9450 at the best prices starting from IDR 500,000.”

All visitors to Indocomtech 2022 can also take part in various challenges with attractive prizes, one of which is to enter the Mortal Kombat 11 tournament using an ASUS ROG laptop. This gaming tournament will take place from June 24 to 26, 2022 at the ROG booth and will be animated by various prizes ranging from the ROG Fusion II 500 gaming headset, the ROG Strix Impact gaming mouse and various exclusive products. by ROG.