Lucky Crate Free Fire Free 2022 Claim Diamond and Skin FF Free

Lucky Crate Free Fire Free 2022 Claim Diamond and Skin FF Free
Lucky Crate Free Fire Free 2022 Claim Diamond and Skin FF Free

Lucky Box Free Fire 2022 – Every day there is always information related to the Free Fire game, for example at the moment, because at the moment the survivors are curious about the lucky box trending information.

If you want to know that information, then you are in the right channel, because in my discussion this time I will go through the information and make sure if the hack works or not.

As you know, there are currently quite a few cheats related to the Free Fire game, for example, the cheat to get free diamonds for ff and of course hearing the phrase free diamonds, that’s why of course you want to try it. immediately.

But don’t just believe that, because there are also many scam or phishing sites that are spreading right now claiming to be able to get free diamonds or points from Free Fire games.

So does this free lucky box free fire discussion 2021 really work or is it just a scam trick? If you want to know, read the discussion below on

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Information about Lucky Crate Free Fire at a glance

Lucky crate free fire itself is a website that claims to earn free points on your FF account and generally some survivors say that this website is Lucky Spin Diamond ff.

Because in the website menu you are required to spin to get prizes.

But don’t think if this program can really give you free rewards because the origin of this free fire generator site is not clear who made it.

In fact, not all ff generator sites are risky because there are websites that really work and give prizes to their users.

So what prize do you want to get from this free lucky drawer of 2021? You don’t need to check it directly in the website menu, because I have compiled it below.

Some prizes in Lucky Crate Free Fire Free 2022

  • unlimited diamond
  • weapon skin
  • beard bnl
  • jordan shoes
  • cute package
  • letda hyper mask
  • topi
  • angel pants
  • Clothing
  • Taste of the skin
  • And other Attractive Prizes.

Just think about the prize points of this game, from Season 1 to date, it’s in the spinner in the lucky box ff and this deserves your suspicion, because generally at this time it is legal from the developer of Garena due to that items are gone. so it cannot be retrieved when there is no special time.

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How to claim prizes in Lucky Crate FF Free 2022

To use this lucky box free fire free site is actually very easy, but we don’t provide a detailed tutorial in this discussion.

Because I feel that there is something strange in this generator website, and what worries me. I am worried that this website is a phishing site that wants to hack your free fire account.

That’s because after following the instructions I got from various sources, apparently there is a stage where you have to log in with your Facebook account and enter the account password.

You certainly shouldn’t do that kind of thing, because right now Garena doesn’t ask you to enter your Facebook account login details if you don’t link it to a Free Fire account.

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And I can assure you that this website will do PHP for those of you who are hoping to get free point rewards without spending diamonds.

Apakah Lucky Crate Free Fire Event Asli?

Based on some reliable sources, it is explained that this website is actually an illegal free fire generator site, because the Garena faction itself does not issue a lucky moment at the moment.

And I hope you don’t use the hack but if you want to use it I hope you create a new free fire account and open a new facebook account.

So when you use this free lucky box hack 2022 suggest the new account and you will get an answer whether the site is really working or maybe not.

the last word

For a summary of this discussion, if Lucky Crate Free Fire Free 2022 is a prize site that is indicated as a phishing site, then you should not use the cheat or use a new account if you want to use it.

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