Lucky Words money making game Does it pay?

Lucky Words money making game Does it pay?
Lucky Words money making game Does it pay?

Lucky Words Money Making Game: There are various game modes to make money. They usually create games like this in order to make users see advertisements, attract users to get many people to download the game, try certain recommended games, and as a source of constant revenue from user activity in the game.

So what mode does this Lucky Words game use?

Review of the game Lucky Words Earn money

Aside from the money offered, the game itself is a lot of fun to play. A game of brain teasers, players must arrange the letters in a consistent word order. Just like the riddles we usually find in the newspaper, we are only asked to order letters, not answer questions.

It is suitable to play when you are relaxed and a place for you to learn Indonesian because there is a lot of vocabulary that we learn from this game.

The income itself is given from the amount of points and money you accumulate. The games are played for free, without inviting friends and without a deposit. We just play games and watch ads.

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How to Download Lucky Words Money Making Game

  1. Open PlayStore and then search for ‘Lucky Words’ game
  2. In order not to download the wrong one, pay attention to the developer. The original was developed-i by [email protected]
  3. Then install and play without having to register

How to win money with Money Making Lucky Words game

After opening this game, click ‘Start’, then arrange letter by letter in a consistent word order. For example, there are random letters like this: “AAPS”

Order the letters until they are correct. So: “as soon as possible”. Repeat these steps until you have accumulated a lot of coins in your wallet.

From activities like this, it is difficult to earn money because the collected coins are few. Another task to make your income plentiful, please keep an eye on the ads that appear as much as possible. After watching an ad, the coins or money can go into the wallet.

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There are 2 coins in this game. There are rupees bills (no need to convert) and coins (must be converted to rupees before disbursement). For the tasks themselves, there are several, you can complete daily tasks. But basically, these two tasks are the most important, watching ads and playing games.

How to withdraw money from the game Money Making Lucky Words

You can immediately withdraw money to the Fund with a nominal value of Rs 300 rupees. According to the user’s description, this money actually goes to his account, some cannot.

  1. Click the ‘Withdraw’ button in the game view
  2. Then select the withdrawal amount
  3. Enter your name and Fund number without spaces
  4. click drag

Is Lucky Words Game Money Making Scam?

From the above explanation, we can conclude the following:

  1. Free games to play, no deposit, you can use a free account
  2. The main task is to view ads.
  3. You can withdraw money when you sign up for the first time
  4. Proven to pay (not all are proven to pay)
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From these points I will draw conclusions like this:

  1. The main mode of the game is to make us watch advertisements.
  2. The games are free because they earn from Adsense ads installed in the game.
  3. Tested to pay the outlay of change. Because many say that withdrawing money for a higher nominal is not proven to pay

I also draw the conclusion that this game of making money will not last long. That is, the ‘make money’ system. Because what the game emphasizes is the thrill of the game, not the ‘money’.

That is to say, the ‘money’ that is offered is just a lure for many people to download this game. Obviously there are already 100 thousand downloads, and the system to earn money no longer exists.