Make no mistake, here are 5 ways to remove the right car battery to stay safe.

Make no mistake, here are 5 ways to remove the right car battery to stay safe.
Make no mistake, here are 5 ways to remove the right car battery to stay safe.

Attempts to remove it are usually because it no longer works as it should. This problem makes the owner of the car have to replace it with a new one. It’s just that how to remove the correct car battery, some still do not know. Although this is important for motorists if they are forced to go to the workshop.

The car battery must be carefully removed and must not be removed, and the appropriate equipment must be completed. These efforts are made not to add new problems to the car. For those who are curious how to remove the car battery according to the workshop guide, you can follow these steps:

1. Prepare the battery release tool

Of course, the first step to remove the battery is to prepare the tools. Some of these tools include a crescent wrench, flathead screwdriver, and pliers and other tools if needed. Other complementary tools needed to remove the battery are usually a number 10 or non-12 wrench. Make sure you have the tools mentioned above to be able to remove the battery more efficiently and accurately.

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2. Remove the negative pole

In the step of removing the negative part, first make sure the ignition key is turned off or To die. The negative pole to be removed is colored black with a minus sign.

The way to remove the post is to start by removing the cable clamp to avoid the danger of a short circuit. Because if it cannot happen in a short circuit that occurs in the problematic leg, it is dangerous even for the one who is removing the negative pole.

3. Remove the positive pole

After successfully removing the negative pole, the correct way to remove the car battery, the next step is to remove the positive pole. The plus sign indicates this part of the positive pole. Well, the same steps to disassemble it, starting by removing the screws, cables and clamps. If it has been peeled off successfully, please avoid the photo. Body car because there is still a possibility of electricity remaining.

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4. Remove the battery holder

The device that connects the battery to the car’s chassis is support. For the next step in an effort to free this battery, you must also remove the battery part Body drums. The tool needed to remove the bracket is a number 10 or number 12 wrench.

5.Lift the battery vertically slowly

The last way to remove the car battery is to remove the battery from the frame of the car. The lift will be safe if you have done the two pole steps before. In this step, try to lift the battery carefully and upright. Efforts are made so that the problem of spilled battery liquid does not occur.

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There are 5 steps how to remove the car battery is correct and safe. Of course, when performing these steps, the car owner must do it carefully and carefully. The advice is to avoid short circuit problems and put yourself in danger. In the place My carThere are several other battery removal tips that are also important for car owners to know.

Originally published on 2022-02-01 03:03:38.