Malahide Castle nightmare for Jerry Cinnamon fans after the Dart disaster

Malahide Castle nightmare for Jerry Cinnamon fans after the Dart disaster
Malahide Castle nightmare for Jerry Cinnamon fans after the Dart disaster

Gerry Cinnamon took to the stage at Malahide Castle last night as thousands of fans flocked to the park to enjoy the outdoor concert.

But after the show ended and the crowds began to go home, disaster struck.

Those hoping to take DART at home were “stuck for hours” after the train broke down on the tracks.

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Jarday was then called in to deal with stranded passengers escorting disgruntled fans across the train tracks around 12 a.m. Monday.

An attendee said on Twitter to express his frustration:

The darts service was discontinued and at 12am we were picked up by the Garda from the rails which was horrible. embedded tweet you’re amazing but

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embedded tweet He trapped us in Malahide for hours.”

Another said: “Fantastic madness when you’re trying to get home from Malahide and then everyone has to get off the train and walk the rails. #irishrail #Malay #malaydar »

The news comes after partygoers were left waiting for almost two hours as they tried to get out of the car park at Malahide Castle after The Killer’s concert last Tuesday.

The chaos no doubt caused fewer people to drive to last night’s show as they opted for rail service in an effort to avoid delays.

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Fans of the killer were angry at the parking lot’s lack of organization when they took to Twitter.

One attendee wrote: “I walked by the #MalahideCastle during the party and saw all the cars parked there.

“You can tell right away that it’s going to be a disaster at the end of the night. Maybe you are thinking about DART in the future?»

Another said: “The #MalahideCastle Killers party was great but the chaos in the parking lot afterwards was not.

“Hopefully they’ve improved the flow/post more personal to help people tonight. It took me about 2 hours to drive the 15 miles home after that.”

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A third wrote: “Great party last night from @thekillers but parking afterwards was a nightmare!

“No traffic management became free for all and at one point we were like bumper cars! Scared at the thought of having to do this again on Saturday night.”

A fourth issued a stern warning to anyone heading to tonight’s party, writing: “A piece of advice tonight killers, don’t bring your car…really walk faster.”

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