Man Caught After Telling Sex Worker He Was Sick With AIDS!

Man Caught After Telling Sex Worker He Was Sick With AIDS!
Man Caught After Telling Sex Worker He Was Sick With AIDS!

One person found it difficult to spread rumors about the model. The model filed a complaint against her. The person had written an article claiming that the model has AIDS. According to the model, this false claim affected her livelihood and tarnishes her image. After which, she filed a court case to teach the person a lesson. At the same time, the person’s lawyer said that she was joking.

Recently, the person was presented in a district court in New Zealand. He was convicted of violating the Harmful Digital Communications Act. He was accused of misbehaving with the model online. He also alleged that he spread false rumors about the model that he had AIDS.

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Regarding this incident, model and sex worker lisa lewis said- ‘The things the person said about me were defamatory and highly reprehensible. I think he wanted to destroy me and my source of income. He couldn’t destroy me, but he humbled me.

Adult Model Lisa Lewis
Adult model Lisa Lewis

Lisa Lewis, who lives in New Zealand, is an adult model. She has also been a sex worker in the past. She is quite famous on social media. During a rugby match in 2006, Lewis arrived on the pitch in a bikini. She had made a lot of headlines at the time.

The person who spread rumors about the model received this punishment

Judge David Robinson sentenced the man who spread rumors about the model to three months of house arrest, 12 months of intensive surveillance and 100 hours of community service. At the same time, the person’s lawyer said: he (convict) used to drink all the time; he was always drunk. At that time, he had lost consciousness. He thought he was funny.

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Significantly, in his first article written in June 2018, the man claimed that Lisa Lewis had been hired to provide sexual services to elderly war veterans. He later reported that Lewis is living in a government house providing sexual services. In another article, the person wrote that police arrested Lewis. However, all three of the man’s claims could not be proven to be true.