Many Dissatisfied Government Lawyers Defending Teachers From Rape Jokes, Here’s The Story

Many Dissatisfied Government Lawyers Defending Teachers From Rape Jokes, Here’s The Story
Many Dissatisfied Government Lawyers Defending Teachers From Rape Jokes, Here’s The Story

The subject of pornographic jokes in this school used to be considered normal. The students, both boys and girls, had to deal with pornographic jokes, either from the mouth of a teacher or from a school acquaintance. However, with the development of social networks today, the topic of pornographic jokes is beginning to be taken seriously, because the phenomenon of moral decline is often the focus of public attention.

From a video clip of Ain Husniza’s heartfelt expressions, the case of rape pranks and mixed hot porn was judged. Thus, it raises a number of other issues related to sexual harassment in schools. Publicly known, many only know the surnames of Ain and his father Saiful Nizam je. After that, the teacher involved wanted to sue Ain and is now said to have received legal assistance from the government. Here’s the story…

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Ain Husniza was forced to change schools due to pressure, report classified as NFA by Attorney General

If we remember the previous case related to Ain Husniza, the names of teachers and schools were not even mentioned. In some previous video clips that raised the names of these children… it was not even mentioned who was the teacher and the school in question. We only know about rape jokes and pornography, and how urgent the communication change is in schools.

Although many people express their solidarity and still support the people and the goal of the people’s activism struggle, there are also those who still disagree and do not like the people. His family had to move from Puncak Alam to Cheras. Said Ain Husniza’s father, Saiful Nizam; After the incident in April last year, he felt that it was not worth fighting the school again after it was said that the school deliberately wanted to turn Ain Husniza into a disruptive student.

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Ain Husniza Rape Prank
Tik Tok video that spread not long ago.. -Via

Quoted by FMT, Saiful said that his family did not appeal against the expulsion case only because he was not present for three days. Ain Husniza’s brothers were also ridiculed and harassed with various complaints. When people reported this to the police, Saiful said the authorities didn’t seem to treat him very well. He eventually decided to move to a private school.

The police reports made against the teachers and other harassment received were classified as ‘no further actions’ (NFA) by the Attorney General’s Office itself. This problem became bigger when the teacher got involved in the lawsuit of Ain Husniza and Saiful Nizam. As we said before… we don’t even know who the teacher’s name is. Now we know.

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Khairul Nizam Sanuddin, 43, filed the lawsuit in Shah Alam Sessions Court through the law firm Messrs. Rasshidi Ema & Yung on November 26, naming Ain Husniza, 17, and her father, Saiful Nizam, 42, as defendants. Khairul Nizam has been teaching for 21 years at the school and said that throughout the learning process, all students must bring and refer to the Form 5 CBC textbook.

The teacher denied making lewd jokes or jokes about rape. There is no encouragement to violate, in fact it is just communication in the context of learning together to understand and teach. Ain and her father also filed a counterclaim in December 2021 naming the Minister of Education, the Selangor Director of Education and the principal as defendants in the suit for negligence in protecting the welfare and rights of students.

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Lawsuit is a personal lawsuit, many disagree with government lawyers interfering

The lawsuit against Ain Husniza is not over yet. The media recently reported that the teacher’s attorney was a high-ranking federal attorney. The Attorney General’s Office is understood to have instructed a Senior Federal Attorney to defend the teachers and former principals in a countersuit filed last year. Many are dissatisfied, not least strange why the government should intervene in this matter.

The government’s action also provoked the insistence of 75 deputies to withdraw the defense order. In a joint statement;

“We are of the opinion that the government, especially the Attorney General’s Office and the Ministry of Education, should be neutral in this dispute. The government’s focus should be on providing a conducive learning environment in schools across the country.

However, educational institutions should emphasize that sexual advances and rape jokes, especially against teenage girls, are absolutely not acceptable. The appointment of a Senior Federal Lawyer in a private civil action brought by the teachers involved only worsens the situation and gives a negative perception of the Ministry of Education and the government,” reported Utusan.

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For the deputy of Seputeh, Teresa Kok, the demand made was a personal demand between a teacher and a former student. Therefore, it is not appropriate for government attorneys to act on behalf of the private sector. Supposedly, the top federal prosecutor represents a government entity.

“I was shocked to read that a senior federal attorney defended a teacher who joked about rapes in class and a former school principal as defendants in a countersuit filed by Ain Husniza.

How can top federal prosecutors act to defend them when such teachers and former principals have been sued in their personal capacity? Also, Ain Husniza, who was first sued for allegedly defaming a teacher who made a joke about rape in class and now Ain has to defend herself and has to make a counterclaim against the teacher…

Obviously, this is a private lawsuit between the professors and their former students. How can a State attorney act on behalf of individuals, civil servants and public retirees?

“Senior federal attorneys should limit their representation to government entities only, isn’t this a bad example for federal attorneys to serve civil servants and retired civilians in their private trials?” reports Free Malaysia Today.

The news invited various reactions from citizens. Some agree with Teresa Kok. Although there are also those who feel that this matter must be understood in the context of that time. When the event occurred, the teacher was a government official and employee. So whatever evil it is accused of doing, the government can be held accountable. This was stated last year by Ain’s own lawyer, Datuk Sankara Nair.

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In your opinion, should the government get involved in this matter? In general, the government can get involved because even individuals are on the list of defendants in counterclaim cases. But from one angle, the government should be neutral on this matter and agree with the foolish actions of the former ministry representatives on the issue. Only after being urged to issue a statement… was there a voice.