Mario Kart Tour Apk Obb Free Latest version 2022

Mario Kart Tour Apk Obb Free Latest version 2022
Mario Kart Tour Apk Obb Free Latest version 2022
Download Mario Kart Pc

Mario Kart Tour Apk – Hi aptoide friends, how are you today? I hope you are well and can enjoy our articles.

Yes, this time we will talk about an Android game again, friend, a game that has been popular since ancient times with its console version, can you guess what game it is?

yes that game is mario game, but not with the same gameplay but with the gameplay namely racing or racing wow it is very unique my friend how about the fun keep reading this article, friend.

Because we are going to provide information about mario game and walk download mario kart pc and the android version, surely you are not interested in this game?

So do not miss this article, what we will do and go straight to the first explanation, which is about mario kart game apk East.

Mario Kart Android Game

Download Game Mario Kart 8 Android

Racing games are usually played and adapted from the movie series, but the games mario kart mod apk no this game is an adoption of the legendary console version game viz mario bros.

What is considered very familiar to gamers or gamers, especially gamers in the 90s, because this game was very popular in that issue.

With interesting gameplay and exciting challenges loading game. mario bros mod apk Much loved by players in the past, moreover, this game does not require a high spec to elevate gameplay.

Featuring distinctive graphics with a 3D cartoon theme, this game is highly appreciated and of course with different gameplay. mario kart game This is a lot to look forward to – expect the older version of Mario gamers.

Of course, my friend is really obliged to try this game, you don’t need to use an android phone that has a high-spec potato phone, you can play it smoothly.

Gameplay Game Mario Kart Tour 1 0 1


if we discuss in terms of gameplay, game mario kart tour 1 0 1 It has similarities with the playstation 1 game, namely a game called crash bandicot.

It is a racing game with a racing game, but you can shoot and fight and make your friend number one, and you can get the gun when you hit a box.

Later, the box will randomly choose a weapon for your friend to use on the enemies you have while you are on the run, with these weapons, you can stop the enemy even more.

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It is very exciting, to be honest the admin really likes the gameplay of the game. mario kart pc Also, can this game be played on a PC as well? How? Later we will explain how to play the game on a PC or computer.

You must be curious, right? How about playing this game on a PC? Yes, if you can’t wait, you can open our other articles that discuss how to play Android games on PC.

Fitur Game Mario Kart Tour Mod Offline

Mario Kart Tour Google Play

Next, we will discuss the features of the game. mario kart tour offline mode In this case, what are the features of the game and how does it work, whether it works properly or not.

We usually take features of a game or app, which are standard features of the game, and explain them according to our skills.

Because if we discuss deep features in a game, later many readers and players will not understand, and we try to explain this feature clearly.

And let’s get into the discussion of the game features, see the explanation below:

Play multiplayer with friends

Mario Kart Tour Apk Obb

The first feature of the game. mario kart tour free apk obb This is a multiplayer mode together with friends.

Unlike mario bros game which is only played offline and of course you can’t play with this multiplayer mode.

With this multiplayer mode, you can play more exciting games with your friends and compete for who is the best.

And of course this game that has multiplayer features is one of the best.

Because not all games have this multiplayer feature and you can find this feature.

Play with close friends

Mario Kart Tour Apk Obb

Also, there are unique features in the game. mario kart obb 2020 that is, friends can also invite close friends.

With this feature my friend can play this game with friends and even close friends so you can play more exciting games.

And friends can meet friends face to face, of course, with this function, the game will be more exciting.

And you can hang out with your friends and replace emotional games with fun games.

Really recommended for friends who like fun games and don’t rely on exhausted skills and emotions anymore.

match between worlds

Mario Kart Tour Pc

In addition to playing with nearby friends through the game network new mario kart mod East.

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You can also use the Internet network to compete against other players.

This palyer is not halfway across the world that can be united in the same racing field.

With 7 players, you can compete in the arena and become the best.

Are you ready to beat players from all over the world? Come on friend, install the game and play.

Around the World Mission Mode

Download Game Mario Kart 8 Android

You can also find the world mission mode in the game. mario kart mod 2019 East.

With this mode, you can play single player without real player opponents.

But the players in the form of bots or computers so that later the level increases even more difficult at the highest level.

With this mode, the game will be more exciting and not boring because you can play many modes.

There is no multiplayer mode where sometimes we have to fight against players who are better than us and we have to demand more experience.

Collection of cars, characters and more

Mario Kart Tour 1 0 1

Play mario kart 8 deluxe This also provides a lot of options for existing characters, not just the Mario character.

But there are still many other characters left, like the princess who was saved when Mario was also present in this game.

And also my friend can choose and collect cool cars in the game later.

With many color variants and capabilities that each car has.

And with plenty of character and car options, you can of course have more fun playing the game.

Many circuit options

Mario Kart Tour Free Apk Obb

In addition to being able to choose the types of characters and cars in the game, you can also choose different types of tracks.

With a beautiful display and every theme on every track.

With so many track options, you won’t get bored with this game.

Because you can choose other circuits and you can also find interesting topics in each circuit.

Download Game Mario Kart Tour Apk

Mario Kart Tour Apk Obb

If you are interested in the game mario kart tour apk This friend can test it directly on his Android phone.

And we have prepared a link to download game files for friends through the download site we have.

Find the convenience that is available through our site and you can also download it for free with the mod version.

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And don’t forget to prepare storage memory for mario kart 8 android game file.

Game information

nama game Mario Kart Tour Apk
game size 121MB
verse game mode Version 2.0.1
developer mod Unknown
Obb Game File there are none
download the game Aptoide.Co.Id
Release date 1 April 2020

Face Download Game Mario Kart Tour Apk

This time we will show you how to download the game. mario kart latest version for friend

Follow the steps to facilitate the download through our site.

Just follow the steps below my friend:

  • First, prepare an Internet connection and prepare your Android phone.
  • Hit the link we have prepared on the button above, and you will be directed to our download site.
  • If you have entered our download site, you can wait a few seconds to activate the download button.
  • If active, press and the download process will run until finished.
  • And save the downloaded game file.

other fun games

This time we will also recommend another exciting game namely Mario Run Mod Apk.

Surely you already know my friend with this game, the gameplay is similar to the previous version of mario but it has been updated again.

With fresher gameplay of course and friends, you can play this Mario run mod apk game with a new experience.

are you interested friend? If you are interested, you can visit the link we have prepared above.

And we have also discussed the game fully and clearly.


That’s our explanation about the game. mario kart mod apk Hopefully this can be useful for the friends of aptoide.

And don’t forget to share this article if you really like the article we made.

And if there are typos, we apologize and thanks to those of you who have shared this article.

See you in another article that is certainly fresher and more exciting, friend.

Frequently asked questions

Can this game be played on iOS?

You just look for it in the app store, if there is, you can download it.

Can this game be played with 1gb of ram?

You can, my friend, and you can, but there may be a little delay if your phone has excessive junk files.

How to easily fight enemies in the game?

You can hone your gaming skills.

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