McDonalds (McD) breakfast, chicken and burger package prices 2021

McDonalds (McD) breakfast, chicken and burger package prices 2021
McDonalds (McD) breakfast, chicken and burger package prices 2021

McDonald’s or often known as McD or Mekdi is a very large fast food chain in the world. McDonalds package prices also vary from typical menus to local menus and Korean food menus.

Because the list of foods at McD’s is extensive and sometimes confusing, it is recommended that you do your research before you buy. At least you know what you want to order so you don’t stay silent for long. Pity about the people who are lining up behind us.

A little history about McDonald’s

A Little History About Mcdonalds

McDonald’s is a fast food from the United States. In Indonesia, this food chain only entered in 1991, precisely in Sarinah, Jakarta. Furthermore, this network extends in most of the major cities, such as Bandung, Surabaya, Jogja and others.

In its development, McD continues to offer its main menus as hamburgers with alternate contents and fried chicken. In Indonesia, white rice is added because the staple food of Indonesians is rice. In America or Europe, you can’t find the rice menu.

Along with the development of trends in Indonesia and around the world, the food menu at McD has also undergone many changes. There are traditional Indonesian menus like chicken porridge and uduk rice. Also, there are Korean-style menus such as the spicy Gochujang menu.

In the future, the development of new menus is likely to continue taking into account the changing demands of the community. What is clear, McD always provides quality menus and according to the language of the people in Indonesia in general.

McDonalds package price list

The price of McDonalds packages varies from being eaten alone to being eaten by a group of people. In addition, there is also a menu according to the time such as the breakfast menu. Check out the full list below.

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The menu below is available from 05:00 to 11:00 daily only. More than that, the menu will not be available. The breakfast menu consists of small and large menus.

Breakfast Price
Sausage McD Muffin Egg + Cake + Coffee rp. 39,500
Sausage Muffin McD + Coffee rp. 31,000
2 pieces Pancakes + Kopi rp. 29,500
Chicken Egg Muffin + Hot Coffee rp. 38,000
Chicken Egg Muffin + Hot Coffee + Cakes rp. 42,500
2 units Hot Cakes + Perkedel + Coffee rp. 38,500
Sausage McD Muffin + Cake + Coffee rp. 39,000
Egg Muffin McD + Cake + Coffee rp. 39,500
Sausage McD Muffin Egg + Kopi rp. 39,000
Egg McMuffin + Coffee rp. 38,000
Great breakfast Price
3 pieces Hot Cakes + Cakes + Hot coffee rp. 41,500
3 Muffin (Great Breakfast) + Perkedel + Egg rp. 40,000
Great Breakfast + Hot Coffee rp. 43,000
3 units pancakes + hot coffee rp. 39,000


Contains processed patties with various fillings. Some contain minced meat, chicken and fish. Here are some menus that can be ordered. The menu prices below may change depending on restaurant policy, yes!

Mushroom Steak Burger Rp.38,500,-
Beef Prosperity Burger Rp.37,500,-
big mac Rp.34,500,-
triple cheeseburger Rp.40,000,-
double cheeseburger Rp.33,000,-
Deluxe Cheeseburger Rp.26,500,-
Cheeseburger with egg Rp.27,000,-
Cheeseburger Rp.26,500,-
McSpicy Rp.35,000,-
chicken cheeseburger Rp.25,000,-
chicken Rp.28,000,-
Fish Fillet Burger Rp.26,500,-
Meat hamburger Rp.14,500,-
Chicken burguer Rp.14,500,-

Hot Chicken And Rice Pack Menu

This menu is a typical Indonesian chicken and rice combination. The heat is the most sought after because Indonesians always think that without rice they have not eaten. The following is the McDonalds package price for their featured hot menu:

Spicy 1 Medium Spicy Rp32,000
Hot 1 Medium Crispy Rp32,000
Panas Special Medium Spicy 38,000 rupees
Spicy Special Crunchy Medium 38,000 rupees
Spicy 2 Medium Spicy Rp44,000
Hot 2 Crispy Medium Rp44,000
Spicy 2 Spicy with Medium Fries Rp47,000
Hot 2 Crispy with Medium Fries Rp47,000
Hot 1 Spicy Large (Large) Rp37,000
Hot 1 Large Crispy (Large) Rp37,000
Hot Special Spicy Large (Large) Rp43,000
Hot Special Crunchy Large (Large) Rp43,000
Hot 2 Spicy Big (Big) 49,000 rupees
Hot 2 Crispy Large (Large) $49,000
Spicy Hot 2 with Large Fries (Large) Rp53,000
Hot 2 Crispy w/ Jumbo Fries (Large) Rp53,000

4. Prices of drinks at McDonald’s


The drinks at McD’s are many and varied. Generally, this drink consists of a combination of soft drinks, cream, jelly, and there is also a tea menu. Here are some types of drinks you can order.

Star Fruit Fizzz Rp.13,000,-
Lemon Fruit Tea Rp8,000,-
Coca Cola, Spirit, Fanta Rp.8,000,-
Hot tea Rp.11,000,-
Iced coffee jelly float Rp.20,000,-
tea bottle Rp.9,500,-
mineral air Rp.9,500,-

5. Price of ice cream at McDonald’s


Ice Cream at McD is also a favorite of many culinary connoisseurs. In addition to presenting a sweet and fresh taste, the combination of various ingredients also creates the perfect flavor.

Cappuccino Top Ice Cone Rp8,000
chocolate ice cream 10,000 rupees
Strawberry ice cream 10,000 rupees
Oreo McFlurry 11,000 rupees
McFlurry Crashed 11,000 rupees
Chocolate Cookies with Cookies $12,727
Choco Cookies with Oreos $12,727
Red Bean McFlurry Pandan 15,000 rupees
McFlurry Mango Coconut Rp15,500
McFlurry Mango Coconut with Oreo Rp15,500

How to order McDonald’s

After knowing the McDonalds package price above, you can easily choose which food menu suits your preferences. Then place an order in various ways.

1. Go directly to the outlet

Direct-Come-To-Sale Points

The first way to place an order is to go directly to the point of sale if the location is close to your home or office. Eating directly on the spot will give you your own feel. Plus, McD also offers Wi-Fi, which is perfect for hanging out.

When dining, keep in mind the time of the order. If you wish to have breakfast, reservations must be made between 5:00 and 11:00. On the morning menu, burgers may not be available, so don’t mess up the time, good!

2. McD delivery service


You can call 14045 directly from your cell phone to place an order. With the proper distance, the cost of shipping is free. Usually CS will provide the price of the McDonalds package that can be ordered and the price. Orders over IDR 150,000, free shipping.

3. Online Ojek Application


The online mototaxi application can also be used to order the McD menu. Things to keep in mind when using the app are that there are often long lines, menus that don’t exist, and prices can go up a bit.

McDonalds package prices are many and varied. From standard menu packages like burgers and fried chicken to local wisdom like nasi uduk. It is also worth trying some international menus, such as spicy Korean-style food.

McDonald’s menu generally varies from country to country. Typical menus are generally included to be closer to the buyer. So, among the various types of food menus on offer, which one is your favourite?

*Prices above are subject to change based on restaurant policy.

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