Meaning of Qanaah – Definition, Benefits, Attitudes, Behavior, Examples, Tips

Meaning of Qanaah – Definition, Benefits, Attitudes, Behavior, Examples, Tips
Meaning of Qanaah – Definition, Benefits, Attitudes, Behavior, Examples, Tips
Arti Qanaah

articles about articles Arti Qanaa- It includes, understanding, pronunciation, benefits, law, meaning, advice, behavior and examples according to Islamic teachings, so that they are easy to understand.

bismillahirrahmanirrahimAssalamu’alaikum, What is the meaning of Qanaah, this is one of the attitudes that are willing to accept the gift that has been bestowed by Allah SWT so that you can perform it and practice it in activities and conditions in someone that is allowed in time to do what has been taught in religion.

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Meaning of Qanaah

Meaning of Qanaah it is an attitude and behavior to accept what has been achieved or felt by understanding the teachings of Islam and being able to stay away from what it forbids.

Qanaah appears in your life in the form of an attitude of willingness to accept God’s decision so that you can behave with the attitude of doing your best.

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The quality of Qana’ah is also an attitude that shows the perfection of faith, because this attitude shows the joy of the person who has it in fighting against all fate and fate of Allah.

Rasulullah, sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said, people who will taste the sweetness or perfection of faith because they believe in Islam as a religion for them.

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Allah Subhanahu wata’ala said:

Meaning of Qanaah - Definition, Benefits, Attitudes, Behavior, Examples, Tips 7

Hadith Rasulullah salallahu ‘alaihi wa salam:

Meaning of Qanaah - Definition, Benefits, Attitudes, Behavior, Examples, Tips 8

It means:

Look at those who are below you so that you do not look at those who are above you, because this will be more worthy of those of you who do not look down on the favors that Allah bestows upon you..”

Qana’ah attitude

After knowing the above meaning that Qana’ah is an attitude that accepts the results that Allah has given and can also stay away from what Allah forbids, he also has an attitude and accepts fate with ease.

A Muslim who firmly believes in his religion, embraced by his wealth, that Allah and His Messenger have appointed people who are entitled to accept this Qanaah attitude by using the knowledge he has gained.

All in remembering wealth, especially to increase your Qana’ah and strengthen your gratitude by allowing people to see the afterlife.

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Examples of Qanaah Attitudes

  • Always be thankful for the goodness of Allah SWT
  • Never be jealous or jealous of other people’s success.
  • Work in an entrepreneurial way to obtain the best results
  • Simple life to adapt to skills, not greedy and not greedy.
  • You are not easily disappointed or discouraged if the results you get are not what you want.
  • Always believe that the gift of God is a gift.

Benefits of Qanaah

  • have a calm soul
  • Avoid jealousy, jealousy and greed.
  • I have a patient heart
  • Always happy with gifts from Allah SWT
  • Avoid worries and fears
  • There are harmonious relations in the community.

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Tips to win Qana’ah

  • Strengthen faith in God’s destiny, patience and resignation
  • Mentadabburi, the Word of Allah Ta’ala and the Hadith of the Prophet
  • Understanding God’s Wisdom Creates Differences in Food and Position Among Servants
  • Pray
  • Look at the condition of those among us
  • Read Sirah of the righteous leaders
  • Understand that ownership can have a negative impact
  • Understand that there is little difference between rich and poor.

Qanaah’s behavior in everyday life

  1. It can increase faith and piety towards Allah.
  2. You can encourage all Muslims to encourage themselves to be generous.
  3. It can educate the patient and trusting soul
  4. It can be saved from greed, greed and envy.
  5. Able to get used to living a simple life in the teachings of Islam

So, that’s the friend we can give a review about. Meaning of Qanaah in the teachings of Islam, I hope that what we have passed on can be useful and useful, thank you very much.

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