Menantu Terlantar Novel Chapter 336 – 340 – Firan Novel

Menantu Terlantar Novel Chapter 336 – 340 – Firan Novel
Menantu Terlantar Novel Chapter 336 – 340 – Firan Novel

roof Bab 336 – 340 of novels Return of the abandoned son-in-law Indonesian.

baby 336

“Mucheng, come back!”

“Damn girl, are you going to be mad at me?”

“If you don’t take a good BMW, you have to take that useless broken electric car!”

“Damn it, your mother, sooner or later I’ll be mad at you!”

Han Li cursed desperately.

She doesn’t know why her daughter took the wrong medicine.

What are the conditions for Yuhao and what are the conditions for Ye Fan?

Every fool knows how to choose.

But his family, Mucheng, is better. In front of so many people, it is not too embarrassing to take Sun Shao’s face in public, and not be ashamed to travel with Ye Fan in the broken electric car.

How do you say he is the boss of the company ah?

Gives you no shame?

But after being scolded and scolded, Han Li also quickly comforted Sun Yuhao: “Yuhao, it’s okay. Mucheng is like that, he’s a bit shy. It will be fine when you get to know him well in the future.”

Sun Yuhao nodded and smiled slightly: “Auntie, don’t worry. I am honest with Mucheng. We’ve known each other for a short time. It is normal that now he does not accept me. I have enough patience to wait. “

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“Only Mucheng will not accept me for a day, and I will not give up for a day!”

“Okay! Yuhao, aunt likes you like this. From today on, don’t call your aunt aunt, call me mom directly.”

“I don’t care if Mucheng accepts you or not, but I already identified you as a son-in-law.”

“Come on, good son-in-law, let’s have dinner at the Haiyuan Pavilion.”

“Ha ha”

Han Li was also afraid that Sun Yuhao, the golden turtle’s son-in-law, would run away, so he took it first.

After all, it was only a matter of time before Sun Yuhao became his son-in-law, so he couldn’t believe it anymore. Could it be that his daughter is stupid, and if she doesn’t marry a good person, she will spend her life with a useless?

At dinner tonight, he had to tell Mucheng about the big gap between Ye Fan and Sun Yuhao.

Soon, Han Li and the others arrived at the Haiyuan Pavilion.

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In order to entertain the future son-in-law tonight, Han Li also worked hard and booked a table directly at the Haiyuan Pavilion.

Haiyuan Pavilion is a high-end luxury restaurant. Almost all the powerful leaders who come to Yunzhou live in this Haiyuan Pavilion.

Back then, Chu Wenfei’s engagement banquet had several tables in this Haiyuan Pavilion, so Wang Qiaoyu would not be able to stay in the Qiu family, but unfortunately, the last time the Qiu family was kicked out was due to special circumstances.

Of course, Han Li also had his own abacus.

Although he is nominally the host tonight, but Han Li is fine, he has long guessed that Sun Yuhao will definitely not let him take the money.

So why worry about Mao?

After all, someone rushed to pay.

Then he will be a little more polite.

After a while, Ye Fan drove the electric car with Qiu Mucheng to the restaurant. Han Hai finally arrived in Yunzhou, even if it was for Han Hai, Qiu Mucheng, his nephew, could not be absent from tonight’s banquet.

“What are you doing here?”

“This is not the place for you.”

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“Should you see your electric car outside? It was not stolen.” Ye Fan was about to enter with Qiu Mucheng, but Han Feifei stopped him.

“Feifei, don’t be rude to your brother-in-law!” Qiu Mucheng said angrily.

“Sister Qiu, why do you keep speaking for him? Besides, I’m not mistaken, there’s no place for him tonight. Brother Yuhao is the aunt’s guest and my father and I are my aunt. Honey, you should sit down too. But what is he?

“Daughter-in-law from house to house, poor diaosi from the countryside, who can’t eat anything?”

“Fifi is right!”

“There’s no room for him at dinner tonight, so let him watch the car here.” Han Li also echoed.

Seeing that Qiu Mucheng was a little displeased, at this time Sun Yuhao stepped forward and said generously: “Mom, I thought I’d let you wait the table.”

“I think Mucheng also looks at him with pity. He had never been to a high-end restaurant like this in his life and he ate top-notch food.”

“This time we will do something good, brother Yuanye, let’s dream and let him follow us once.”