Mild menstruation: is it harmful to health?

Mild menstruation: is it harmful to health?
Mild menstruation: is it harmful to health?

Menstruation is a process experienced by almost all women. However, usually this condition will be different for each person, so it is not uncommon for someone to experience a light period.

When you have a little period, don’t worry because LEMON had contacted dr Novyanti SpOGObstetrician and Gynecologist from Mayapada Hospital Tangerang, Mandaya Royal Puri, and Hermina Bitung, who will explain the causes and how to treat them properly.

At what age do you usually have your period?


Menstruation itself is the process of bleeding from the uterus caused by shedding of the uterine wall due to the absence of a fertilized egg. “In general, this period occurs in a woman from the age of 10-15,” she said.

According to Dr. Noviyanti, “A normal menstrual cycle generally lasts 24 to 45 days. And menstruation is going to last three to seven days, with a maximum of 30-70 cc of blood per day,” he continued.

What causes someone to have few periods?

Causes Of Low Menstruation.

It doesn’t always work normally, maybe some people have a little period that they are worried about.

Dr. Noviyanty explained that oligomenorrhea o Scanty menstruation can occur for a number of reasons, including:

Use of hormonal contraceptives

The use of contraceptives, such as birth control pills, can also have an impact on the volume of menstrual blood that comes out during menstruation. So the duration of menstruation is sometimes shorter.

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thyroid disease

When the thyroid gland is overactive and hormone levels are too high, this can affect the smoothness of menstruation and cause less menstrual blood.


PCOS or Polycystic ovary syndrome it is a reproductive health problem that occurs because the hormones in the body are not balanced.

This can affect the ovulation process, causing less menstrual blood and irregular menstrual cycles.


When the body is overweight, this can also have an impact on the volume of blood that comes out during menstruation.

Because obesity is one of the main triggers of hormonal imbalance, which can be related to an irregular menstrual cycle.


Lack of nutrition or malnutrition can also be one of the causes of a person experiencing scanty menstruation.

When the body lacks nutrients, the levels of hormones in the body will also be affected, so this can have an impact on the volume of blood that goes out.


People with diabetes are often prone to irregular menstrual cycles. This is because the patient does not ovulate regularly.

menopause religion

With age, this can also usually affect the volume of menstrual blood that comes out. Generally, women experience this when they are in their 40s and 50s.

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Psychological problems

When experiencing psychological problems, this can also affect the volume of blood that comes out during menstruation. When we are stressed, the body can experience decreased levels of the hormone estrogen, so the volume of blood that comes out can be less.

effects of certain drugs

There are several types of medications that can affect a person’s menstrual cycle. This also turns out to have an impact on a small volume of menstrual blood.

So, is it true that light periods can be an early sign of pregnancy?

“Myth. Because basically, pregnancy can only be confirmed by checking the levels of b-hcG in the urine,” replied Dr. Noviyanti.

Is this condition dangerous to health?

Causes Of Low Menstruation.

When we experience irregular menstruation, some of us may immediately become concerned. Therefore, Dr. Noviyanti suggested that he should see a doctor.

“Immediately consult a gynecologist, so that later you can receive further treatment and find out the cause. Because there are several factors that are not dangerous and some are dangerous, ”she explained.

What are the signs of an abnormal menstruation?

Causes Of Low Menstruation.

Basically, a normal menstrual cycle will last from 24 to 45 days. “Menstruation will last three to seven days with a blood volume of 30-70 cc per day,” she said.

However, if you have less than six to eight menstrual periods in a year, it can be said that it is an abnormal condition. Therefore, you should immediately consult a doctor.

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How to overcome complaints of low menstrual blood volume?


To overcome the condition of a little menstruation, it is good to see a gynecologist. “This is aimed at finding the cause, so that it can be managed appropriately or treated according to the causative factor,” Dr. Novyanti said.

Usually, this small volume of blood can also cause side effects. However, the impact will depend on the factors that cause the condition of a small menstrual period.

Since there are several factors that are harmless and some are dangerous, it is a good idea to consult a gynecologist immediately.

How to avoid experiencing this condition?


Perhaps some of us have experienced a condition where the volume of menstrual blood is small. Fortunately, this can be prevented by doing several things, including:

  • exercise regularly
  • get enough rest
  • Maintain your ideal weight
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet
  • always have positive thoughts



In general, light menstruation is not a dangerous condition. But to be on the safe side, it’s a good idea to make sure by checking and consulting with a gynecologist.

Your goal is to find out the cause and treat this condition appropriately. Don’t forget to lead a healthy lifestyle.