Militant deputies calm down at the urging of NTC and NSC – OnlineBalita news

Militant deputies calm down at the urging of NTC and NSC – OnlineBalita news
Militant deputies calm down at the urging of NTC and NSC – OnlineBalita news
Rep. France Castro


A militant congressman criticized the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) order to all service providers to block the websites of progressive groups such as Save Our Schools Network, Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN), and independent media outlets Bulatlat and Pinoy Weekly for violate freedom of expression and freedom. from the press

Assistant Minority Leader and ACT Teacher Representative. France Castro did not accept the memorandum released by the NTC based on the request of the National Security Council (NSC) that said such websites were terrorist groups.

“The NTC order of the National Security Council requesting internet service providers to block websites of progressive organizations and independent media is a red label in the context of the implementation of the Anti-Terrorism Law. The National Security Council simply labeled these websites as terrorist without citing any concrete evidence to prove their claim,” paliwanag ng mambabatas.

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“Red tagging at the cost of stifling free speech and freedom of the press. Because the NSC, headed by National Security Advisor and Anti-Terrorist Council (ATC) Vice President HermogenesEsperan Jr., affiliates with these independent media and progressive organizations and supports so-called terrorists and terrorist organizations, they are censored and also labeled as terrorists. organizations by the state”, dagdag nito.

Castro lamented that even the website of the Save Our Schools Network organization that supports Lumad schools and promotes the quality of education has not been rescued by the terrorist group accused by the NSC.

“The promotion of education for our Lumad brothers and sisters is also terrorism? The administration has already closed all the Lumad schools built by the Lumad themselves, as well as the website of the network of organizations that help express their call,” added the legislator.

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Because of this work by the NSC and other Anti-Terrorist Council (ATC) member agencies and officials, what else can stop them from using the same mode of censorship on other media outlets according to Rappler, Inquirer, and ABS-CBN that red tagging will be mandated? to block the websites of legal and legitimate organizations and media outlets? he added.