Mine K-Drama’s best behind-the-scenes moments because we love bloopers!

Mine K-Drama’s best behind-the-scenes moments because we love bloopers!
Mine K-Drama’s best behind-the-scenes moments because we love bloopers!

Here we are with the best behind-the-scenes moments from the K-drama “Mine” because fans still haven’t gotten over this amazing Korean drama. This drama attracted everyone’s attention after it aired as it broke the social norms and stereotypes of the especially Korean society. And it is a fact that if there is a K-drama that does this, we will love it for sure. “Mine” is a Korean drama that was released in 2021 on tvN. The Korean drama world has been doing a fantastic job of leaving us in awe with its splendid story, incredible cast, and top-notch acting skills. It’s amazing how there are countless amazing K-dramas in every genre that you might want to watch. It is our guilty pleasure that we enjoy all these beautiful Korean dramas.

The story of “Mine” revolves around strong and powerful women who are on their journey to fight against all the prejudices and evils of society, and in the process, they try to find the real ‘mine’ or, in simpler words , they try to pursue true happiness. If you are a fan of the drama, then you will get it here. Much! Mainly because these women are not just normal people, but part of a conglomerate family. And we all know what kind of interesting and mysterious stories we get when it comes to a super rich family. We now know that “Mine” is a super mysterious and suspicious drama, but another thing that caught the attention of fans is the cute behind-the-scenes moments of “Mine” that stole our hearts. And the best way to get over a drama is to see behind the scenes. So here we will talk about the best behind-the-scenes moments of “Mine” K-Drama because fans can’t get enough.

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When Jung Hyun Joon became a director

How can we forget one of the most lovable cast members, Jung Hyun Joon, who played the role of Han Ha Jun, Ji Yong’s son? We can all agree that his acting skills were top notch even at such a young age. But this is not just that. Fans have also swooned over his cuteness behind the scenes of “Mine.” There was a moment when this cute little boy suddenly surprised everyone by sitting in the director’s chair and suddenly giving instructions like ‘AJB, please turn the camera back a little’. This made the whole team laugh a lot.

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Mine Kdrama Best Behind The Scenes Moments
Jung Hyun Joon’s adorable moments

There was another case where Jung Hyun Joon was filming a serious scene but kept forgetting his lines and kept apologizing. This is a very normal thing, but he is SO CUTE! that everyone smiled at his tenderness.

Kim Seo Hyung’s laugh

Well, it’s time to talk about Kim Seo Hyung’s laugh in the best behind-the-scenes moments of “Mine” because this laugh is contagious. One of her most memorable laughs was when she was filming the scenes where she came out as a lesbian. She expected Jin Ho to explode, but instead he just subtly asked ‘What?’ while she cut her steak. This made her laugh out loud, and this was one of the best dolphin laughs you could ever hear. The character is so powerful and bold in “Mine,” but behind the camera she is so lovable and lovable, which is why fans love her personality.

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Mine Kdrama Best Behind The Scenes Moments 3
Kim Seo Hyung behind the scenes

When the cast is not shy to make fun of others

There was an intense scene where Lee Hyun Wook who plays Han Ji Yong and Lee Bo Young who plays Seo Hee Soo were filming a scene where they had an intense conversation, but Lee Bo Young kept forgetting her lines and she got nervous. But Hyun Wook left no chance to tease her. This just tests how comfortable the casts feel with each other.

Mine Kdrama Best Behind The Scenes Moments
Hyun Wook making fun of Lee Bo Young

Another scene was when Lee Bo Young was walking down the stairs but lost her balance for a second. Once again, Hyun Wook laughed and Bo Yong groaned and asked him to stop laughing. All of these cute interactions between the stars really melted our hearts, and that’s why people love Mine K-drama behind the scenes, as they are simply the best.

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