Mistakes in panty care that cause irritation

Mistakes in panty care that cause irritation
Mistakes in panty care that cause irritation

Pakaian Dalam

The female area is an important part that must be maintained to ensure the health of the reproductive organs. One of them is by wearing safe and comfortable underwear. Most people have understood choosing underwear correct, but often makes mistakes in caring for it. Some mistakes that are made often turn out to be bad, like causing irritation.

In order not to make these mistakes, here are some common mistakes in underwear care:

  • Wash with scented detergent

Scented detergents or fragrances are often used to give clothes a fresh scent. However, it should not be used for underwear, as scented detergents and fragrances can cause rashes and allergic reactions in intimate organs. Remember! The skin of the feminine area is more sensitive than that of other parts, so it is better to use an anti-allergy and fragrance-free detergent.

  • put in the dryer
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Do not use a dryer for panties as this can damage the fabric and cause it to wrinkle or even loosen. We recommend that you dry it directly in the sun without using a dryer beforehand. Poor quality underwear will reduce comfort when worn and may cause other problems.

  • Wearing the wrong underwear during exercise

In certain activities such as sports, special underwear must be used. There are panties that are meant for sports or at least don’t wear too tight ones. Because sports activities require more movement and cause more sweat. The use of the wrong underwear can limit movement, the intensity of sweat causes irritation and vaginal discharge.

  • Choosing lace panties
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It sounds crazy but wearing lace underwear is not good for the health of the intimate organs. Lace fabrics do not absorb sweat well, so the feminine area is a perfect moist environment for bacteria. This condition can cause skin irritation to infection. Cotton is recommended for underwear.

These are the mistakes that are usually made in the care of underwear. Now start avoiding these mistakes for the health of the feminine zone.