More than 30 Gamis prices for women (MODERN AND ELEGANT)

More than 30 Gamis prices for women (MODERN AND ELEGANT)
More than 30 Gamis prices for women (MODERN AND ELEGANT)

If previously we have talked many times about tunics or men’s clothing, now is the time to share the most fashionable and trendy fashion models among women.

It is not necessary to be grandiose when choosing a set of outfits that will be worn for various events and activities.

Because we know that there are many hijabers who prefer to wear clothes with certain features; whether it’s patterned, patterned, lots of embellishments, or a chic style.

Including those who like online shopping or cash on delivery!

That’s why we offer a variety of the latest gamis t-shirt price catalogues.

Check it out, our review!

Models and Prices of Smock Shirts

1. Paramitha dress

I Am Selling A Pair Of Gamis
photo source:

The price of paramitha robe is not expensive which is 130,000 rupees.

The model is very simple and elegant because it receives a touch of layers of brocade and plisket.

You ladies must love it!

2. Arsita dress bow

Adult Robe Price
photo source: Bukalapak

With a capital of IDR 375,000.00 you can buy a brown robe from the Hijabenka brand.

The design is very chic with a cardi pattern and can be mixed and matched with an open arm shell or a salmon colored hijab.

3. Gamis modern motif

The Price Of Rainbow Dian Robe
photo source: Bukalapak/JFashion

One of the newest must-see collections from Jfashion is the midi dress that costs Rp 60,000.00.

You can turn it into a night or midnight dress, even homely.

4. Black Orlin Gamis

The Price Of A Robe In Saudi Arabia
photo source:

We like the model that wears for its casual design so that it can be worn on any occasion, especially to go to the office.

Also, there are two pockets on the right and left side.

A set of robes sells for IDR 225,000.00.

5. Pink Zemira Robe

Elegant Dressing Gown Shop
photo source:

One of Elzatta’s sweet products is the pink zamira robe that is punctuated with a lace and rempel design.

Due to the shape straightenough to help you look feminine.

Price IDR 330,000.00.

6. Gamis Lavina Maxy

Check The Price Of Elzatta Robes
photo source: Bukalapak

This combined plisket and exterior dressing gown sells for Rs 117,000.00 at her favorite markets.

The ingredients are moscrepe and busui. friendly what’s more.

7. Mizuki dress

The Price Of Fancy Robes
photo source:

There are various products of mizuki dresses on the market with various attractive colors and designs.

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However, for us it is one of the best for young mothers.

The price is also friendly at IDR 105,000.00.

8. simple dress

The Price Of The Latest Elzatta Robes
photo source: hijabenka

Who said performing syar’i was difficult? Even if you wear plain model gown Gray like this can be added using a veil.

The fabric is thick and doesn’t see through, let alone leave a trace.

Prices higher than IDR 200,000.00.

9. Almirah’s Robe

Full Brocade Robe Price
photo source:

Remember, this is Almairah’s robe, not Humaira’s, which is dominated by Arab models.

Almairah’s blue robe design tends to resemble an intentionally made kaftan.

In addition to subtle embroidery in some parts.

The price is IDR 105,000.00.

10. Brisha Black

Farghani Robe Price
photo source:

I don’t know why, we really like the Brisha robe model!

The black color combined with red is undoubtedly the best, especially since there is a ribbon around the neck.

Oh so cute! The price is also affordable, IDR 225,000.00.

11. Embroidered Monkey Robe

Selling Fawwaz Dresses
photo source: Bukalapak/Jfashion

JFashion’s balotelli gown above looks so cute.

Designed in mono style with embroidery on the skirt and cuffs following the tulip concept.

This black and gray suit can be purchased for Rp.105,000.00.

12. Gamiz Azra Kenna

The Price Of A Semiformal Gown
photo source:

The Gamis Azra Midi Dress really fits your body, especially if the proportions are high.

The white color concept accompanied by modern prism patterns looks vintage.

The price of this robe is Rp. 190,000.00.

13. Long cape dress

Embroidered Black Robe Price
photo source: Bukalapak/Jfashion

The long cape dress sold by one of the local brands is also more like a crop top.

It’s just, the tassel is a bit longer and it sticks to the stomach.

With an attractive design, you need Rp 90,000.00 of capital.

14. Malaika Robe

Black Robe Price
photo source:

Combining various colored patterns like maroon, burgundy, white and gray is also suitable, you know, for the size of the robe.

Well, prism models like this one are currently popular among mothers, especially the price is very affordable worth Rp 190,000.00.

15. Eva Pink Robe

Wholesale Shirts Prices
photo source:

The well-known by-us-design brand seems to always carry modern and simple clothing models.

Like Eve’s robe design that adds pink color to the left and right layers.

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Price Rp.225,000.00.

16. Maxi Priska

I Sell Fanta Pink Robes
photo source:

Well, if you prefer pattern-cut tunics as dresses, then the Priska maxi dress is perfect!

Equipped with balotelli material, a touch of cape, a ribbon at the neck and very flowy.

Enough with Rp. 140,000.00.

17. Gamis Gayatri Hilda

The Price Of A Cloak Of Wisdom
photo source:

Salmon is still the winner for women, especially millennials.

Like the Gayatri Hilda tunic, which incorporates floral and diagonal motifs as a base, like batik.

Not surprisingly, the price is pretty good too, which is IDR 379,000.00.

18. Julieta Long Dress Stripe Combi Knot Brown

Haramain Robe Price
photo source: Hijabenka

To look even simpler, it is not necessary to combine it with other clothes, such as pants.

A simple dress with a striped print and made of cotton polyester.

The official price is IDR 289,000.00 and you can mix and match with heels or wedges.

19. Kiandra White Dress

The Price Of Coarse Green T-Shirt
photo source:

This Hijabenka peplum sleeve drawstring robe will be more feminine if you balance it with appropriate hijab colors like cream, baby pink, peach and others.

Perfect for vacations, going to the beach and other casual occasions.

A set of this crepe tunic sells for Rp.349,000.00.

20. Asjja Dress

Indian Tunic Price
photo source:

Wearing the gingham pattern and maxi design with a cardi pattern, it looks like it will suit those of you who like loose clothing.

The cut of the fabric is smooth and perfect and matches most of the Arab abayas, helping you to look stunning.

The price of a set is IDR 1,250,000.00.

21. Riya Long Dress

The Price Of The Latest Jumbo Robes
photo source:

There’s nothing complicated about wearing Riya’s dress, but that’s the design! Elegant, luxurious and very beautiful.

Featuring a handkerchief ruffle and Japanese style obi square knot, this Hijabenka product sells well in the market.

The price is also very affordable at Rp.159,000.

22. Maxi Combi

The Price Of Islamic Robes
photo source:

Zalora products are also no less opium to use.

Like a gown that uses a mixed motif, namely squares and flowers.

Prices range from IDR 200,000 to IDR 400,000.

23. UmbrellaLong Red Dress

The Price Of Mother'S Robes
photo source:

Especially for those of you who want to find a robe made of Korean spandex, this umbrella dress is the solution!

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The skirt is very flowy and syar’i combined with heels or flat shoes.

Harga Rp257,000.00.

24. Shanum’s Robe

Men Indian Robe Price
photo source:

Are you used to looking for robes on Shopee? So don’t miss out on this Elzatta shanum dress!

Floral motif with diagonal base

You can buy a set of yellow robes above for IDR 360,000.00.

25. Ilfara robe

Price Of Men'S Robes
photo source:

You can get Ilfara robes through the online store in the Indonesian market.

The design is unadorned, just like the Palestinian robe.

Harga Rp329,000.00.

26. Maezurra dress

Robe Robe Price
photo source:

The mix of denim, stripes and ruffles is why this maezurra dress is selling well!

The Maezurra robe is suitable for you to make an alternative if you are bored with the models that have knitted material.

The price is also appropriate, namely IDR 250,000.00.

27. Gamis Inficlo

The Price Of Busui Jersey
photo source:

Travelers who do not want to be bothered by the debate on dress issues, the Inficlo dressing gown is the best and most suitable option.

Designed to look like a full coat with buttons.

The price is IDR 242,000.00 and you can get it through Lazada.

28. Inara Syari Dress

Cotton Robe Price
photo source:

Gamis Inara also introduces the concept of shari’a and girly for Muslim women.

Outfitted with ruffles and obi (albeit covered by khimar), you can buy it on a budget of Rp 133,000.00.

29. Gamis Deora

The Price Of The Last T-Shirt
photo source:

Do you want to go for an invitation but you are confused about the perfect stylish clothes?

Simply choose Deora’s robe which has a pleated circular pattern.

The price is also ok, only IDR 252,000.00.

30. Olive Green Kimono

The Price Of The Chaplain'S Robe
photo source: Lazada Indonesia

The Olive Kimono Robe uses Wolfis material and is deliberately designed for the young generation which is anti-rust.

It can be combined with outer long sleeves or open arms.

Price IDR 91,000.00.

How does it feel to see the robes above? You sure want to buy it and use it quickly, right?