MTN Whatsapp Subscription 2022

MTN Whatsapp Subscription 2022
MTN Whatsapp Subscription 2022

What is the best MTN Whatsapp subscription for 2022? Here are the cheapest MTN Whatsapp data plans.
For the customers who are not aware of this package, now it is opportune to know the latest and current MTN Whatsapp Goodybag.

MTN Whatsapp Goodybag is the data package that is created specifically for Whatsapp users on the MTN Nigeria network. This data plan for Whatsapp provides subscribers with an unlimited connection to WhatsApp at a low and affordable cost.

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If you are interested, you can easily subscribe to activate this package. MTN Whatsapp subscription has daily plan, weekly plan and monthly plan. The daily plan costs N25 to activate. Text “WAD” to 131 to activate the WhatsApp daily plan.

While for the weekly plan (7 days), it will cost you N50 to activate it. Text “WAW” to 131.
To activate the MTN Whatsapp subscription plan for 30 days, simply text the word “WAM” to 131. This package costs N150 per month.

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Weekly Plan Subscription Code.

You can choose to subscribe to the weekly MTN Whatsapp plan, depending on your choice or account balance. To activate the Weekly plan, simply text WAW to 131.

To activate this package, you must have N50 or more of credit on your MTN line before sending this activation message.

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Subscription code for WhatsApp monthly plan.

Personally, I prefer to use MTN Whatsapp one (1) month subscription plan as it is better both in validity period and money saving. To subscribe to this monthly plan, send WAM a 131 and make sure you have N150 and above before sending this SMS.

Note: For the sake of clarity, all subscribers should be aware that the weekly MTN WhatsApp plan has a validity period of seven (7) days, while the monthly plan has a validity period of 30 days.

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Important note: These packages are usually auto-renewing, which means that before their expiration time, they renew automatically. If you want to stop the automatic renewal of Whatsapp on MTN, you must send this message as an SMS to 131.

Send NO a 131. For example, text NO WAM to 131 to unsubscribe from the WhatsApp monthly plan.

MTN Whatsapp Subscription FAQ.

Does MTN have WhatsApp package??

Yes, MTN WhatsApp GoodyBag is a data package created specifically for Whatsapp users. This package allows you to share files, content and chat non-stop on WhatsApp for just N25 weekly and N60 monthly depending on your choice.

How many MB is the MTN WhatsApp package??
So far, MTN Nigeria has not yet commented on the volume of data allocated for the Weekly and Monthly packages. However, it is labeled “Unlimited”. This means that you can browse through the Whatsapp application in an unlimited way.

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How do I stop the automatic renewal of WhatsApp on MTN??
To unsubscribe from MTN WhatsApp daily, weekly or monthly subscription, simply text “STOPWAW”. to 131. This will automatically cancel the weekly MTN WhatsApp subscription. The code to unsubscribe from the MTN WhatsApp daily subscription is “STOPWAD”.

Thank you and I hope this makes it easy for you to subscribe. If you have any issues, questions, or queries, feel free to contact us via the comment section below. At the same time, we would really appreciate it if you can send or share this post with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp, using the share buttons.