‘My God, buy it!’ China’s Live Shopping Stars At Risk Of Censorship » Storiereviews ‣ Storie Review

‘My God, buy it!’  China’s Live Shopping Stars At Risk Of Censorship » Storiereviews ‣ Storie Review
‘My God, buy it!’ China’s Live Shopping Stars At Risk Of Censorship » Storiereviews ‣ Storie Review

‘My God, buy it!’ China’s live broadcast buying stars is at risk of being censored, #God #buy #China #livestream #buy #stars #danger #censored Welcome to 5 0 MINDS BLOGHere’s the latest breaking data and trend feed we’ve bought for you right now:

Hua Shao is standing knee-deep in water at the edge of the ocean, behind a desk filled with large crabs. The well-known Chinese-language TV host is sweaty, sunburned and laughing with a co-host as a red and blue fishing boat bobs behind them.

“The ocean ears version is so good, it should have been collected from a sea house where the water might as well be very clear,” he tells more than 100,000 people watching online.

It’s the eve of “618”, definitely one of the biggest retail festivals in China, increasingly fueled by the weird world of live streaming shopping channels.

Amid major economic concerns in China and arduous Covid zero coverage insurance policies, 618 will give a strong indication of how our need to buy has been affected. Markdowns and discounts are ubiquitous, promoted by legions of stubborn and wannabe retail celebrities. Hua is a gigantic weapon.

Hua Shao Sells Crabs, Abalone And Soap While Standing In The Sea On The Eve Of One Of China'S Biggest Shopping Festivals, The 618.Hua Shao sells crabs, abalone, and cleaning soap while standing in front of the sea on the eve of one of China’s biggest shopping festivals, 618. {{Photo}}: Hua Shao

Live broadcasts, broadcast across China’s web and social media, occupy a space between Instagram influencers and the late-night TV consumer channels of the 1980s and 1990s.

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On platforms dating back to Taobao and Douyin, China’s TikTok, billions of {{dollars}} are spent on the interactive pages of live streaming buy anchors. Many of these fast-talking, charismatic hosts have now become A-list celebrities. Some channels are cleverly produced, surrounded by products and types, guests, bells, whistles, and frantic countdowns that draw viewers closer to the urgency to spend money.

Mainly, the most valuable hosts have tens of tens of thousands of loyal viewers and promote a lot of tens of thousands of issues. Li Jiaqi is arguably China’s best known, recognized among his tens of tens of hundreds of thousands of followers by his enthusiastic catchphrase, “Oh my gosh, buy it!” He earned the nickname Lipstick King after breaking the Guinness World File for “basically, the most lipstick features in 30 seconds.” In 2020, Li claimed that he would likely do 389 broadcasts in 300 and 65 days, often working from noon to 4 a.m.

Live streaming accounts for 10% of e-commerce revenue in Chinese, according to management consulting firm McKinsey. It now supports retail campaigns dating back to Singles Day and Double 11, annual shopping festivals that dwarf U.S. Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday product sales. In 2020, the trade was worth merchandise estimated at $171 billion (£140 billion). This year, McKinsey predicts it will likely exceed $420 billion.

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More than a third of the products are related to fashion, followed by beauty products, food and the latest technology. Overall, there’s one surprising outlier: In 2020, one of the country’s top sellers touted a $5.6 million industrial rocket launch facility.

Analysts estimate that almost 500 million of us made purchases on a live shopping stream in 2021, up 20% from the previous year, perhaps fueled by the pandemic that kept so many people at home.

Shopper Du, in Zhengzhou, Henan, says Douyin’s livestreams were good for her and her daughter.

“For plus-size womenswear, fashion is definitely plus-size, and it’s more realistic than completely different platforms,” she says.

The perception of the hosts is important. Sometimes they use their influence to trade low-cost deals for their viewers. The big names in live commerce are considered to have credible opinions on the products they sell, never mind the big-money contracts between them and the guys going back to L’Oréal, Adidas, McDonald’s and KFC.

However, the explosive progress of the trade has drawn the attention of regulators. In December last year, one of the biggest stars in the business, Huang Wei, who goes by the name Viya, was fined more than $210 million for tax evasion. After the optimism was released, Huang apologized on her social media account and told her followers that she felt “deeply responsible” and accepted the punishment.

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Some supporters spoke of their dialogue about Huang’s case being blocked on social media. Some spoke in defense of her and the product trails she endorsed.

“Furthermore, I was very, very, very offended at Viya for tax evasion, however… her alternative is more according to my model, significantly the equipment and furnishings of the dwelling and daily necessities,” said a Weibo person.

The most recent scandal is a bit harsher. On June 3, the eve of Tiananmen Square. massacre: Li appeared to show the digital camera an ice cream cake that resembled a tank. It was not clear that Li was very aware of the possible significance of the cake. However, her feed abruptly dropped and mentions of her title on social media were censored.

Li has not been back online since then. What that means for the producers who promoted their tens of tens of hundreds of thousands of followers is unclear. However, some businesses, meanwhile, choose to advertise by using AI-generated hosts instead.

Additional reporting by Xiaoqian Zhu


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