NEU bosses warn they will vote out striking teachers this fall » NewsMixed

NEU bosses warn they will vote out striking teachers this fall » NewsMixed
NEU bosses warn they will vote out striking teachers this fall » NewsMixed

dear Nadhim Zahawi,

Inflation has risen dramatically since his report to the STRB, suggesting salary increases of 3 percent for most teaching careers.

The most recent figures show CPI inflation at 9.1 percent and RPI at 11.7 percent.

We estimate that coaches’ salaries have fallen by a fifth in real terms since 2010, even before the effects of this latest bout of inflation.

Along with the decline in coaches’ pay in real terms toward inflation, it has also declined in relative terms toward earnings. Salaries for ordinary trainers are at their lowest compared to median earnings across the financial system in more than 40 years.

Professors and college leaders often tell us that workload is their number one concern. But right now, our members tell us that paying is also a big challenge.

The combination of unsustainable hours, the depth of work during these hours, and ever-lower pay ranges are hurting our universities and the young people we are educating.

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Teachers are reviewing their work hours and salary and calculating hourly charges, which are alarmingly low.

The most recent coach training figures are very worrying; Applications are down 24 percent compared to last year. (1)

One in eight newly certified teachers left their job their first year of instruction. These young people have generally completed a level and then obtained a postgraduate degree. They are a great loss for the career, but more importantly for the students of the country who trust their teachers to train and take care of them.

This may be a waste of potential and of the large amount of funds that the Government has spent to train them.

His lack of behavior on issues that matter means that one in 4 teachers has left by the end of three years, one in three by the end of 5.

You can’t afford to show away from these figures and the fact behind them.

This abandonment in itself causes many more workload problems for the remaining workers: in recruiting, induction, mentoring and training.

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Colleges across the country are reporting profound difficulties in attracting candidates for vacancies. Authorities consistently miss their personal trainer hiring targets; and it’s getting worse, with the number of people seeking to be teachers down sharply while the number of openings available in high schools has risen by 14 percent. Some universities are having to cut their curriculum because of this.

Therefore, we ask that you take steps to deal with this profound disaster in the hiring and retention of every coach.

You will need to respond to the new financial reality of double-digit inflation and the threat this poses to coaches’ housing needs. We ask that you choose one more inflation upgrade for all teachers. It is not right to only suggest a higher raise for novice teachers (who are likely to be lower than inflation).

A transparent and unequivocal signal that educators are valued is urgently needed, with inflation undifferentiated, plus salary increases for all teachers. And it is essential to fund universities accordingly.

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Also, you need to work with us now to reduce the coach’s workload.

We also urge you to act to help and pay workers – they are among the lowest paid workers in the public sector.

The current lack of action by the Authorities on these issues is inflicting real damage on the formation and livelihood of our members.

Now we need to let you know that if you don’t make a proper motion, within the Fall Time period, we will seek advice from our members as to their willingness to take an industrial motion.

And we will strongly encourage you to vote safe. We cannot sit idly by while you run both training and educators to the hilt.

Yours sincerely,

Mary Bousted and Kevin Courtney, Joint Basic Secretaries