Newscat Money Making Apk, Download and How to Use –

Newscat Money Making Apk, Download and How to Use –
Newscat Money Making Apk, Download and How to Use –
Newscast Apk

Newscast Apk – Money making apps continue to grow and this time you can try newscat apk app. This apk is known as a news app that can give free money, even more interesting, you can invite friends to increase your balance. In the Newscat app itself, there are plenty of news options you can read guys.

Among the news in the Newscat app are finance, lifestyle, football, sports, health, gastronomy, games and much more. A huge selection of news will certainly be able to add to your knowledge and what is more interesting, you can also earn money through the app. There are still a lot of things about the Newscat app, so check out the discussion, check below.

What is Newscat Apk?

Newscast Apk

This apk is news that can make money. Through this app you can invite friends like in snack video app so please invite as many friends as possible to really join so you can get extra bonuses.

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Not only invite friends, there are also mall points, you can get mall points when you read the news, you can use these points to enter the draw on the mall points. Hopefully when you try it you can take the prize.

Currently this application has been updated on 09-18-219 and is included in the category of free news and magazine applications. This apk itself was released by Andrian C’zz which can be used on Android 4.1+ guys.

For those of you who are going to download it, you need 9.9 MB of space guys. Okay, for those who want to try it, download it below.

Download the APK

Download here: news cat

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To use it please install the apk on the cell phone you are using guys.

How to use Newscat Money Making Apk

To really make money then you need a little guide guys here is the tutorial.

  1. First download and install the apk.
  2. Then open.
  3. When you enter, please see the details on how to use it.
  4. You can check the menu one by one.
  5. Here we take the example of inviting friends.
  6. When you invite a friend on Newscat and the invited person uses it successfully, you will get bonus Rp. 2000.
  7. For example, if you manage to invite up to 35 friends to a VIP member, you can earn up to Rp. 700,000,-.
  8. Also, at the VIP level you can get special privileges that include quality reading, invitation bonuses and much more.
  9. For the money, you can exchange it for credit or withdraw it, guys.
  10. Good luck.
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How are you guys? very interesting in this newscat application? Oh yes, according to the information we got, this app has collaborated with Tribunnews, Wowkeren, Tempo, Bintang and many more. If you are curious, you can download the app from the link we have shared above.

As an anticipatory measure here we only share information guys it’s better if you tell them to deposit or level up we don’t think it’s necessary guys we’re afraid the app will mislead you. But it’s all in your hands, boys.

It’s better if you try the free version guys. That’s all we can say, hopefully it’s helpful. Don’t forget to keep visiting the site, guys.