“No, it’s permanent”: TikToker shares how a gynecologist refused to sterilize her and it goes viral

“No, it’s permanent”: TikToker shares how a gynecologist refused to sterilize her and it goes viral
“No, it’s permanent”: TikToker shares how a gynecologist refused to sterilize her and it goes viral

Tubal ligation is a surgical procedure to prevent pregnancy. It has been commonly called “tying the tubes” and is also known as female sterilization.

According to ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists), it is ethically permissible to perform requested sterilization on nulliparous women and young women who do not wish to have children. Providing permanent sterilization within a reproductive justice framework means that clinicians recognize that all women have the right to seek and prevent pregnancy.

Unfortunately, many doctors still approach sterilization requests, particularly from young women, with paternalism. This is what happened to Olivia, 22, who shared her conversation with a gynecologist on TikTok.

In a now-viral video that has racked up 2 million views, Olivia reenacted the appointment she had where a gynecologist turned down her request for sterilization, saying ‘no’ and ‘it’s permanent’. Below is the full video Olivia posted on her channel that sparked a very important conversation about women’s rights to choose what’s best for them, especially when it comes to their bodies and reproductive systems.

This 22-year-old woman shared how a gynecologist refused to consider her for sterilization, after stating that she did not want children.

Image credits: lvdwns

Image credits: lvdwns

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Image credits: lvdwns

Olivia received an overwhelming amount of support from other women online who expressed their legitimate right to decide whether or not they want to have children. “I have learned that a significant number of women have been in the same position of being denied tubal litigation and similar procedures,” she told reporters.

Olivia’s video racked up 2 million views and sparked a much-needed conversation about women’s rights and her decision not to have children.

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The woman whose TikTok video went viral says she’s “only 22, single and childless so I wasn’t surprised by my doctor’s response, however many women with multiple children are already being denied the procedure because they might want more. , or maybe that they remarry and that her next husband wants to have a child of her own.”

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According to Olivia, a woman should not be denied care based on her own decision about her own body in the event of a hypothetical divorce/man. “I am frustrated in my own case, but I cannot imagine the frustration and pain of these women.”

This woman said something so obvious that unfortunately it is not talked about enough

So he shared his experience about the reactions he gets from other people.

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He specifically addressed all the men who kept commenting on his decision.

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The conversation about women’s rights to sterilization and paternalism by doctors sparked another much-needed discussion about what many people still don’t realize: Not all women want children, and this is totally fine. Olivia said that she received support from other women who also do not want children.

“Many women commented on their relief to see another person with the same ‘kid-free’ mindset. I guess in the past it’s been pretty taboo for a woman not to want to have children, never mind talking about it, so I’m glad to be the voice for all the women who feel isolated in that belief,” she commented and added. that now that social norms are changing, it’s easier to talk about things like this, although there’s still a lot of pushback.

More women joined the conversation and shared their own similar experiences.

This is how people reacted to his video.