No Recoil PUBG 1.6 Download OBB 64 Bit Indonesia Latest Version –

No Recoil PUBG 1.6 Download OBB 64 Bit Indonesia Latest Version –
No Recoil PUBG 1.6 Download OBB 64 Bit Indonesia Latest Version –

No recoil PUBG 1.6 – Battle Royale games have been a favorite of gamers till date. In particular, for smartphone users.

This type of survival game offers an adrenaline rush of its own. They certainly want to be the best of the best.

Currently, there are several Battle Royale games that are widely played by fans.

One of the games of this type that is very familiar is none other than PUBG. For gamers who care about graphics, this game is a must have.

Not only that, PUBG game has quite a real level of difficulty by using a lot of weapons.

We can see this when players shoot enemies, especially at long distances, there will be vibrations from the weapon.

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That way, it will be difficult for players to stabilize the weapon. This is what makes the PUBG game look like the real thing.

Games that require this skill, of course, not all gamers are adept at playing PUBG game, especially beating recoil.

But don’t worry because now there is No Recoil PUBG 1.6 that will be able to help you do that.

So what exactly is No Recoil PUBG 1.6 and what can you get from this software. You can see the description below.

PUBG 1.6 No recoil

No Recoil Pubg 1.6
No Recoil PUBG 1.6 Download OBB 64 Bit Indonesia Latest Version – 11

For PUBG gamers, of course you know the term recoil meaning that you get a jolt or jolt from the weapon.

PUBG game is so complex including weapons which makes the game even more challenging.

The recoil rate of each weapon in PUBG game has different levels. This is what makes players have to be able to adapt.

From this, No Recoil PUBG 1.6 was born, which is a setting you can reduce or even eliminate recoil in arms

In order for the shots you fire to hit the target perfectly, you must be able to control the recoil.

If you can’t control it, the bullet will miss even if the enemy can’t take the slightest damage.

This will make your opponent invincible and you will die easier on the battlefield.

As a novice or non-experienced player in playing PUBG game, of course using long range weapons will be difficult.

With the help of the recoilless pubg setting, we believe that you will receive the ability to control the impact of the weapon.

You can try using this setting to get a feel for what it’s like to be a professional player who’s good at shooting.

No Recoil PUBG 1.6 is one of the popular tools that is highly recommended for PUBG players nowadays.

The advantages of latest PUBG 1.6 no recoil

No Recoil Pubg 1.6
No Recoil PUBG 1.6 Download OBB 64 Bit Indonesia Latest Version – 12

If you look at the description we shared above, this type of setup will certainly come in very handy for PUBG gamers.

In our opinion, this configuration is quite different from other tools because it has advantages and beneficial differences.

To update The latest version of the PUBG game has recently released this version and of course you can try its extraordinary skills.

For those of you who are curious about the features contained in this cool setup, you can check out some of the perks below.


The main advantage that you can get in this configuration is none other than recoilless. It is not usually called recoil magic bullet.

The reason for the title of this configuration is recoillessOf course, the most important feature that is the advantage of this configuration is minimal recoil.

According to some data we obtained, the reduction rate recoil if using this tool is 90%.

Although not as good as the settings found in the Free Fire game. However, this setting is quite useful for reducing the impact of weapons.

If you’re up against a professional player, you can still keep up with him. Bullet accuracy is of paramount importance.

Now you can use high recoil weapons like Beryl, AKM and others. Even you can remain stable using scope X3.

High Damage

If you use this setting, you not only receive anti-rollback benefits, but you can also receive high damage.

Similar to the name, high damage gives you shooting abilities that make you die faster.

Although it is not similar to other settings in PUBG or Free Fire games, which can kill with one shot, you will be quite safe from enemy surveillance.

The enemy will not know that you are using a tool. reinforcement which increases the ability drastically.

It is not like any other configuration, in features high damage this only increases the damage rate to 50%.

Then the opposing player guesses that you are a professional player. This setting is made as smooth as possible to minimize suspicion from other players.

goal help

You may not know that Aim Assist is a feature that makes it easier for weapons to aim at your opponent.

When using Aim Assist, your crosshair will follow your opponent’s movement in any direction of movement.

This similar feature is only found in FF and now you can use it in PUBG games armed with this setup.

Of course, you won’t miss it even more when you use it. This is a function that can be combined with recoilless.

no reset

PUBG games, of course, always experience updates every month and even weeks. So of course there will be changes to the files it contains.

However, in contrast to this configuration it has huge advantages.

Even if your PUBG game is updated to the latest version, the settings will not be lost.

Therefore, you do not need to reinstall the setup or download the latest version. You can still use the old version.

Also, today there are many cases when the game is updated, the old version of the tool cannot be reused.

The only way is to download the latest version available on the Internet. This may take some time.

anti prohibited

We believe that this type of setup has a high enough risk because it can lock the player’s account.

It is not arbitrary that players use tools that harm many other players.

Tencent will certainly take strong action on this issue. Even the saddest thing for gamers is prohibited device.

This is one that players should avoid when intending to use such aids.

However, we think it’s different with this setup. Poly saying that this setting will not get users bannedforbidden.

This statement is a relief for all gamers who want to try config recoilless.

With specs that aren’t too flashy compared to other configurations, we think it’s pretty safe to use.

This is quite relevant to what we explained above, your opponents won’t feel like you’re using reinforcement similar to this.

You will even be considered a professional player who is adept at controlling recoil.

Without delay

Most PUBG players who use tools like this will have issues with gameplay in the battle area.

One thing that feels like there is a pretty severe lag. Even this is not profitable for gamers using phone specs.

However, No Recoil PUBG 1.6 will minimize the lag which has been improved over the previous version.

You will still be able to play pubg games smoothly even if you use this setting.

Download No Recoil PUBG 1.6 Magic Bullet Terbaru

No Recoil Pubg 1.6
No Recoil PUBG 1.6 Download OBB 64 Bit Indonesia Latest Version – 13

Knowing what can be achieved in this configuration, you will of course be tempted to use it.

In addition, this configuration has a very light size. You won’t need a large file to use it.

We have a download link that you can easily get. Before that, you can see the specifications in this configuration.

Name : Less recoil
Version : v1.6
Size : 1.36MB
Support for : 32/64 bit

After looking at the specs above, you will of course benefit from a very small size.

We have 2 version you can use namely 32 bit by clicking the link “HERE”And 64 bits by clicking on the link“HERE“.

Face Download No Recoil PUBG 1.6

You can download the file that we have prepared above with the steps that you can easily follow as follows.

  • The first step, click on the download link “HERE”Which we have previously provided.
  • You will then be redirected to a page on the download site.
  • Wait a few seconds until the download button appears.
  • After that, click “Discharge” and wait for the download process to complete.

How to install No Recoil PUBG 1.6

No Recoil Pubg 1.6
No Recoil PUBG 1.6 Download OBB 64 Bit Indonesia Latest Version – 14

Installing the setup is a bit different from installing software or games in general.

That is not to say that how to install it is difficult. We tell you the steps below.

  • The first step, first extract the Less Recoil file that you have downloaded using ZArchiver or similar software.
  • After extracting the archive, open the Less Recoil folder and copy the folder records.
  • The next step, you open file manager.
  • If you use ZArchiver, open memory device (/storage/emulated/0).
  • Then click folder /Android/data/com.tencent.ig/ paste it here.
  • If a notification appears, select replaceme.
  • Wait until the folder move process is complete.
  • Open it and now you can play exclusively.
  • Done.

Why Doesn’t Recoil PUBG 1.6 Nir Work?

No Recoil Pubg 1.6
No Recoil PUBG 1.6 Download OBB 64 Bit Indonesia Latest Version – 15

For new users, of course, you will get problems like this, i.e. settings not working in the game.

If you experience this, the configuration file may not be compatible with your phone.

To be sure, you can try the two versions that we have shared above.

If the backwards-free setup doesn’t work on 32-bit, you can use the 64-bit version or vice versa.

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How to use PUBG 1.6 without recoil

If you ask how to use this setting? we may not offer an explanation for so long.

Basically, this setup is installed directly on the gaming system. So, just open the game and play.

There will be a menu that will have you turn the feature on or off.

If you want to remove the no backtracking function, you just need to replace it with a folder records original.

So, before installing this setup, we recommend making a backup copy of the folder records the.


Using No Recoil PUBG 1.6 has many advantages that you don’t get in other tools.

You don’t need to replace the OBB file which is so big and just replace the folder containing the configuration with a small size.

Maybe that’s all we discuss about the best settings for PUBG right now. We recommend using a backup account to test it out.