Officials’ status update on Summer Wells missing a year after disappearance – Tassco

Officials’ status update on Summer Wells missing a year after disappearance – Tassco
Officials’ status update on Summer Wells missing a year after disappearance – Tassco

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation issued an update on Summer Wells’ disappearance a year after she went missing, Fox News reports.

Five-year-old Summer Wells went missing on the night of June 15, 2021 and the investigation to find her is still active.

Here’s what authorities have said regarding the latest progress in the entire case.

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A year after the disappearance of 5-year-old Summer Wells, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, along with the missing girl’s father, released statements.

— ABC 33/40 News (@abc3340) June 16, 2022

Summer Wells Update

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation released a press release about Summer Wells’ case a year after she disappeared from her home. The five-year-old girl was nowhere to be found when her mother returned from gardening with her grandmother, Fox News reports.

Summer was closing eyes outside her home in the 100 block of Ben Hill Road in Rogersville, Tennessee, on June 15, 2021.

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In the last year, officers have interviewed 170 witnesses and constantly searched the property and its surroundings by land and air. They have used the help of drones and divers to observe the kingdom.

They also reviewed digital evidence and the investigation included 100 completely different brokers, intelligence analysts and employees.

In a press release, TBI said the investigation is still active and ongoing. This week, authorities returned to Hawkins County “as part of a planned search that focused on previously identified areas of interest.”

“In addition, officers and detectives continue to follow up on potential leads,” his statement continued.

Officials asked people with credible firsthand knowledge of the woman’s disappearance to call 1-800-TBI-FIND.

The press release added that the Mt. Carmel Freewill Baptist Church has been used as a location for 3 large-scale searches.

The full update is available on the official Facebook profile of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. The public can discover additional information at Find Summer Wells.

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Today marks a year since Summer Wells went missing, prompting a continual #TNAMBERAlert.

Our team continues to work with totally different companies to pursue every lead we can. This morning, we will replace that effort with a media availability at 11 am.


— Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (@TBInvestigation) June 15, 2022

Girl’s father shares heartbreaking statement

The girl’s father, Don Wells, released a heartbreaking letter on the first anniversary of Summer’s tragic disappearance.

On the Don Wells Family Official YouTube channel, he uploaded a six-minute video in which he said:

“Since you left, I have been completely devastated. I looked for you everywhere, my beautiful girl! I thought U-Tube would be the most powerful tool to help find him, and maybe it still could be, but at a price we may not be able to pay, our family may not survive!

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He continued: “So, I ask God to please take care of my precious daughter, we love her so much! We hope that God will return her to us, as well as her children. I would be so happy to be a family again!”

More details about the case

In the same press release, TBI said that they have obtained more than 2,000 strategies from most people, but almost all of them come from sources involving rumors and speculation.

Officials said that while they acknowledge the group’s support, they asked people not to submit plans due to information seen in a YouTube video or other online posts.

“Going forward, we ask the public not to submit suggestions as a result of a video you’ve seen on YouTube or a theory you’ve seen posted on Facebook,” TBI has asked most people.

“Please help us and call only if you have direct and specific information about Summer’s disappearance.”

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