OGWhatsapp Mod Apk Download Latest Version For Android

OGWhatsapp Mod Apk Download Latest Version For Android
OGWhatsapp Mod Apk Download Latest Version For Android

Did you know that OGWhatsApp become one of the many recommended WA mod apps? Even this app is said to be safer than banned and blocked. Thus, you will be more flexible when using it.

However, modded apps always come with their own risks if not used wisely. As is well known, the use of modified WA is currently becoming more and more popular. It is no exception for those who want more secure privacy settings.

What is OGWhatsApp?


Some time ago the use of the WhatsApp mod became viral, which has more complete functions than the normal WhatsApp. In fact, this modified application has been around for quite some time. There have been many versions of the WA mod developed by developers in various parts of the world.

OGWhatsApp itself is one of the modded WA apps that is currently quite popular. As is well known, WhatsApp is a widely used instant messaging application today.

Basically, the appearance of this application is not very different from the official version. Interestingly, you can use two numbers at once on a smartphone. Basically, the WA mod app is quite diverse. They each have their own fans.

OGWhatsApp is one of the most installed because it offers a variety of interesting features. including faster calls, download status in the form of videos and photos, and many other features.

Interesting features of OGWhatsApp

Modified WA app is known to have many interesting features. Without exception OGWhatsApp which allows users to send larger files. In addition, the history that is made can be longer than usual.

You can also add sent voice filters etc. For more details, check out some of the unique features of this modified app.

1. Anti Forbidden


One of the concerns of someone who uses a modified application is that it is vulnerable to being banned. So make sure the WA mod being used is the latest version. OGWhatsApp is one of the apps that is updated quite often by the developer.

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It is even claimed that this app has a quite capable anti-ban feature. That way, you don’t have to worry about being blocked by the official WhatsApp.

2. Reading deleted messages


This feature is in fact a feature of WA mods in general. Almost all WA mod apps have this feature. Without exception OGWhatsApp making it easy for you to read chats that have been deleted by others. Both in private chats and in group conversations.

The chats that have been deleted are usually curious. Don’t worry, you can find out the content of the message without affecting your personal WhatsApp.

3. Multiple account


Is it possible to use more than one WhatsApp account in an application? Don’t worry, this WA mod allows you to use up to three accounts at once.

Previously, users might have to install third-party apps to do so. Through this app, you can open more than one account without messing with other apps. Very simple right?

4. Messages sent on a scheduled basis


Another advantage of this modified application is that it sends messages on a scheduled basis. This feature is unique because you can set the time to send messages according to your needs.

This feature will be very useful when users cannot be online at a certain time. Sending a message will of course make it easier to explain to the chat opponent.

5. Download status


Do you want to download contact status on WhatsApp? Sometimes we really want to download it because the status is interesting, especially in the form of videos. In the original WhatsApp, this cannot be done.

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Since there is no option to copy the link to download it. Don’t worry, through this app, you can download any status you want. Interestingly, users also don’t need to download third-party apps to do this.

6. Customize screen


Do you feel bored with the limited appearance of WhatsApp? Basically, you can wear only dark and light looks. To some people this makes WA seem monotonous and that’s it.

OGWhatsApp allows you to customize the screen freely. Thus, users can be creative with satisfaction according to taste.

What views can be customized? Among them are the change of theme, font type and size, tick design, bubble chat, etc.

7. Privacy settings

Privacy Settings

One of the things that makes the WA mod app so popular is the privacy settings. Not a few WhatsApp users feel that they are missing WA privacy settings. Therefore, the WA mod is usually an option because it provides complete privacy features.

This privacy feature is claimed to make personal data more secure. One of them is activating App Lock. Additionally, you can also turn off the blue tick on chats that have been read.

Do you want to hide the “Type is typing…” status? This can also be done, you know? You can also view other people’s stories without getting caught. Interestingly, users can also lock certain chats so others cannot see them.

8. File and media sharing

File And Media Sharing

This WA mod app allows you to easily share various file formats. The app supports multiple media such as audio files, e-books, and videos. Even the number is higher than the original WhatsApp.

What media are supported by this app? Here are some of them.

  • Documents – Send various types of documents, eg TXT, Docs, PDF up to 100 MB. while the maximum number of documents sent in one click is 100 documents.
  • Camera: Through this medium you can send image and video files with the best quality (1080P, 4K, HD, 720P) quickly.
  • Gallery – Through the gallery menu, WA mod users can submit high-quality photos and videos up to 100MB in size.
  • Status: Want to download someone else’s status? Don’t worry, you can rely on the features of this modded WhatsApp to download all the updates of your WA contacts.
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Download OGWhatsApp Pro APK Free


Name OGWhatsApp
Version v9.1
Last update 02/01/2021
Size 42MB

Download OGWhatsApp (42MB)

Steps to install OGWhatsApp

Since this app is not from the Google Playstore, the installation method is slightly different. But basically, this method is easy to do on various types of cell phones. The installation steps that can be performed are as follows.

  • Backup WhatsApp data first via Google Drive.
  • After that, click on the OGWhatsApp download link given above.
  • Browse and find the file in the download folder in the file manager.
  • Install as usual.
  • If the installation process fails because there is no “Install from an unknown source” option, you can enable this option first.


  • To do this, open the Settings menu and select Biometrics and security.
  • Click Install unknown app.
  • Select the Files app.

For some types of smartphones, the location of the options may be different. However, you basically need to enable the Unknown Sources option in the smartphone settings.

The use of OGWhatsApp provides many advantages. Especially in terms of rich features and a more comprehensive settings menu. However, keep using this modified app properly and wisely.

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