Ornamental Plant Leaf Fertilizer You Should Know

Ornamental Plant Leaf Fertilizer You Should Know
Ornamental Plant Leaf Fertilizer You Should Know

Do you have ornamental plants at home? Ornamental plants require special care, especially in the leaves. For those of you who are fans of this plant, you must be aware of various types of ornamental plant leaf fertilizers.

As its name indicates, foliar fertilizer is used and its use is sprayed on the leaves, which is where the stomata are located. Not all foliar fertilizers are in liquid form, but the most commonly used are liquid fertilizers.

How to use fertilizer

Ornamental Plant Leaf Fertilizer You Should Know

For your ornamental plants to grow healthy, you must know how to use this foliar fertilizer correctly. Because, of course, it is in vain if the way you apply this fertilizer is not correct. The following are some tips for applying leaf fertilizer for ornamental plants:

1. If the application is to the leaves, use a medium size spray. This is done so you don’t overfill or waste fertilizer.

2. Make sure you have sprayed the leaves with fertilizer until they look moist.

3. You can mix the leaves with pesticides. But be sure to avoid the type of pesticide that uses sticky materials or substances.

4. You can spray liquid fertilizer on the back of the leaf, which is where the stomata are, directing the spray just on the bottom of the leaf facing downward.

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5. Also pay attention to the recommended fertilizer usage rate on the package.

6. Spray your ornamental plants at the best times, for example in the morning from 8 to 10 or in the afternoon from 3 to 6.

7. It is not recommended to apply foliar fertilizer when it is going to rain.

Various types of leaf fertilizers for ornamental plants.

1. Herbafarm Bio-Organic Fertilizer

If you want healthy and fertile ornamental plants, this herbfarm fertilizer will be the right choice. That’s because this fertilizer contains bio-organic macro and micro nutrients. Herbafarm Bio-Organic Fertilizer is well suited for use on plants with less fertile soil media.

two. Direct Use Fertilizer (PLP)

This fertilizer is made from a balanced formula, this fertilizer is made to facilitate the care of ornamental plants. As its name indicates, the Direct Use Fertilizer (PLP) is very suitable for beginners in the use of ornamental plants.

This PLP comes in liquid form and comes packaged in a plastic bottle, so you can easily apply this fertilizer to your favorite ornamental plants.

3. Race NEOBoost Flowers

As its name indicates, this Horti NEOBoost Flowers fertilizer is recommended for those fans of ornamental flower plants. Special for the care of orchids and roses.

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However, the content of Horti NEOBoost Flowers is also useful for increasing the resistance of plants to various types of pests or diseases that inhibit plant growth.

Four. Golstar 250 SC

This fertilizer is specially designed for flower and fruit plants. Contains elements of Growth Regulatory Substances (ZPT), Golstar 250 SC can accelerate plant growth and stimulate flowering in your fruit plants.

5. MAGICgro G8

This fertilizer product based on organic materials may be the best option for you. MAGICgro G8 can be applied to all types of plants, from vegetables, fruits, food crops to ornamental plants, leaves and flowers.

The natural content contained in this fertilizer can increase the absorption of nutrients in your ornamental plants and can strengthen the resistance of plants against pests and diseases. MAGICgro G8 can also speed up crop production time.

6. Grow more NPK 10-55-10

Grow More NPK 10-55-10 is one of the best-selling fertilizers among fans of ornamental plants. Due to its high phosphorus content, this fertilizer is very suitable to be applied to ornamental plants based on flowers.

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7. Pearl NPK 16-16-16

This fertilizer can be included in the list of the best fertilizers for ornamental plants in its class. NPK Mutiara 16-16-16 is rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients that plants need, for example three important elements, namely Nitrogen, P2O5 or Phosphate and K2O or Potassium.

This fertilizer is also rich in magnesium and calcium which can increase plant freshness, strengthen roots and fertilize plants.

In addition, NPK Mutiara 16-16-16 can also nourish diseased or wilted plants. So don’t be surprised if this fertilizer is the best option for entrepreneurs and growers of ornamental plants.

In addition to using the fertilizer above, you can also use compost for your ornamental plants. Although not all ornamental plants can receive compost, how to make compost It is also easy and the ingredients are very easy to get.

Making compost is not only done manually, but can be used composting machine. Of course, by using a machine, the job will be completed faster.

In addition to ornamental plants, natural fertilizer for chili plants you can also do it yourself. The method is very easy, surely you can imitate it at home.