Overgeared Comic Chapter 130 Bahasa Indonesia Latest Reading Link

Overgeared Comic Chapter 130 Bahasa Indonesia Latest Reading Link
Overgeared Comic Chapter 130 Bahasa Indonesia Latest Reading Link

Overgeared Comic Chapter 130 Bahasa Indonesia | Hello, faithful readers of JOKOWINOMICS.ID, for you comic lovers, of course you are very interested in our article.

Previously, we have discussed several comics that are going viral, for example Tokyo Avengers Comic Chapter 254 in Indonesian and New Komik Magic Emperor Chapter 291 in Indonesian.

For you comic lovers, especially Overgeared Comics, surely you are still waiting for the last chapter of this comic right now, right?

You must be wondering when overgeared comic book chapter 30 will be released right? Well, this time, the admin is really going to talk about Overgeared Comic Chapter 130 in Indonesian.

In this article, admin will also discuss the synopsis till release date of overgeared comic book chapter 130.

So no need to wait any longer, let’s take a look at the following review.

Overgeared Comic Chapter 130 Bahasa Indonesia

Overgeared Comic Chapter 130 Bahasa Indonesia Latest Reading Link

Comic Overgeared is a comic written by Park Saenal, previously this comic was a novel turned into a manga by manga artists Silverbin and Haban.

After the story in the previous Overgeared Chapter has been successful, now the latest chapter will be released, namely Overgeared Chapter 130.

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Overgeared Comic Synopsis in Indonesian

If you are curious about the overgeared comic book chapter 130, then you need not worry anymore guys because the admin has prepared a synopsis of this comic.

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After leaving the whale. Grid left the Vatican as soon as he finished searching for him and was ready for a new adventure.

But before that, he needed time to refuel.

The box has returned to Shin Young Woo. He dropped the pod and immediately went in search of food.
“I’m starving.”

When I opened the refrigerator door, I pulled my boxers down from my waist. It contained ham and egg rolls, meat and all kinds of food.

On the table was a note from his mother. Don’t forget to eat regularly! It’s okay to make money, but don’t gamble or exercise too much. ^^ `

Dear mother, a long time ago, Shin Young-woo, who was heavily in debt, was always worried at home. He often had to listen to the stories of his nagging parents.

But now it is different. Shin Young-woo was successful in the match and paid off not only his father’s debt but also his debt.

Now that he had been promoted to the eldest son they could trust, not the poor son they had to worry about.

“I will do my best.”

Young-woo didn’t want to worry about his parents anymore. He didn’t want to see them both depressed again.

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I wanted them to be as happy as they are now. So remember, satisfying is not an easy game, it’s your job!

He would soon complete this mission and continue to craft items. He earns more money and make his family happy.

He finished his meal. Shin Young-woo rested for a while and watched TV. He then switched to the channel connected to Satisfy and began to sleep.

The problem is the report that the Pope of the Rebekah Church was assassinated by a foreigner. This issue excitedly takes a look at who killed the Pope and who was chosen as the new Pope.

However, Shin Young-woo fell asleep and did not notice the problem. After 30 minutes. Shin Young-woo got up and turned off the television. He stretched before returning to the pod to access Satisfy.

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Link to read Comic Overgeared chapter 130 in Indonesian

For those of you who don’t know, you must be wondering how to read this oversized comic chapter 30 in Indonesian.

Well, here Mimin will explain to you how to read this overgeared comic chapter 130 and Mimin will also tell you the apps and sites that you can use to read this comic.

For those of you who want to read overgeared comics or 130 overgeared manga in Indonesian, you can read them on Kakaopage.

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If you are confused, you can follow the steps I will give you below.

  • Open the Kakaopgae site (Link www.Kakaopage.co.id) in Google or other browsers you use regularly.
  • Then you find the comic you want to read.
  • If you are still confused, you can go directly to the Komikindo website.

You can also open this comic on https://mangakik.com/manga/overgeared12/chapter-130 site, or you can also search on mangaplus, manhwaindo, mangakakalot, comiccast, comicid, naver webtoon and other sites.

By using these sites, you can search for hype comics from chapter 1 to chapter 130 in Indonesian.

Overgeared Chapter 130 Comic Release Date

Comic Overgeared Chapter 130 is the chapter that comic lovers have been waiting for. Well, next I will let you know when the Overgeared 130 Comics schedule will be released.

According to the information that Mimin has obtained from various sources, it turns out that the 130th chapter of Comic Overgeared or Manga Eleceed Overgeared 130 will premiere on Sunday, May 28, 2022.


Well guys, that’s all for now, JOKOWINOMICS.ID’s discussion of Overgeared Comic Chapter 130 in Indonesian.

Hopefully the article I wrote this time can help you get the comic chapters you want to read.

Thanks for visiting our website guys and see you soon.