Overview of large planters | The impatient gardener

Overview of large planters |  The impatient gardener
Overview of large planters | The impatient gardener
Green Planters With Green Foliage

If there is a support group for pot addicts please let me know, because I need it. I love a good container, but finding one is a different matter.

I have two non-negotiable requirements for most pots: they must be large and they must look good. Weight, style, and even cost are things I’m willing to be flexible on, but they have to be big. Over the years, I’ve amassed a handful of “investment” planters and have never regretted spending the money on one I really loved.


Mr. Much More Patient and I made this planter.

Obviously, it’s best to shop for pots in person if possible and beyond garden centers, it’s worth checking out big box stores (which have upped their potting game in recent years) and places like Sam’s Club and Costco. Classified ads (yes, I still like classified ads), the Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, and other second-hand sites are great too, although I admit I had no luck when it comes to them. I feel like it must be a personal problem because I see a lot of gardeners making great finds.

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But let’s say you can’t find something locally, or maybe you just want to shop from your couch. Here’s a rundown of a bunch of bins I found, all over 18 inches wide, which is really the minimum size I consider unless it’s a specialty or tabletop application. Happy container hunting.

Round Planters

  1. geometric goodness. 18″ wide, $179, on sale for $143
  2. Fiberglass pitcher, 21″ wide, $268
  3. Big legs, 18″ wide, $149
  4. Lightweight + double wall, 20″ wide, $119
  5. Tall and sleek, 22″ wide, $77
  6. All very well, 28″ wide, on sale for $307
  7. Striped Perfection, 17″ wide, on sale for $66
  8. Terrazzo Bronze, 21″ wide, $150
  9. Textured spoke, 22″ wide, $279
  10. Concentric Circles, 21″ wide, $869
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Modern Round 4

  1. Wood stripes, 38″ wide, $589
  2. Corten steel warmth, 38″ wide, $379
  3. Modern teak, 22″ wide, $818
  4. Industrial Planter, 21″ wide, $599
  5. Weathered Wood Feeder, 30″ wide, $279
  6. Simple and elegant, 23″ wide, $260
  7. Modern feeder, 39″ wide, $259
  8. Stone look, 16″ wide, $83
  9. Stylish Wood, set of two, 15″ and 18″ wide, $266.
  10. Seaside Cottage, set of two, 13″ wide, $160 (on sale)

Fun And Different Pots

  1. Chinoiserie Goodness, 20″ wide, $367
  2. Twist Urn, 18″ wide, $175 sale
  3. Oil flask, 25″ wide, $275
  4. Square corten bowl, 34″ wide, $275
  5. Zinc pot, 17″ wide, $99
  6. Old World Charm, 24″ wide, 36″ tall, $699
  7. Tabletop perfection, 26″ wide, $75 sale
  8. Round corten bowl, 24″ wide, $200
  9. Ruffled Urn, 23″ wide, $459
  10. Modern Cast Stone, 28″ wide, $263
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