Pakistan Airlines did not pay Russian dues, had to change routes

Pakistan Airlines did not pay Russian dues, had to change routes
Pakistan Airlines did not pay Russian dues, had to change routes

Pakistan, facing an economic crisis, once again faced international humiliation. Russia refused to give overflight clearance to the flight due to non-payment of fees by Pakistan International Airlines. After this, the flight from Islamabad to Toronto rerouted.

This issue is from June 17. The Pakistan International Airlines flight from Islamabad to Toronto did not obtain an overflight clearance. After this, this flight was first taken to Karachi. From here, the getaway used the airspace of European countries via Russia, and the flight arrived in Toronto.

It is said that there were more than 250 passengers on PIA flight PK781. They were shipped from Karachi. The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) was facing difficulties in transferring money for overflight authorization charges. However, Pakistan International Airlines says Russia is facing problems receiving payments due to global sanctions. In such a situation, the PIA had to take an alternative route.

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The airlines said the flight to Toronto had to use the route from Iran, Turkey and Europe. The plane took off from Karachi. At the same time, a Pakistani journalist tweeted and wrote that the PIA flight from Islamabad to Toronto was delayed; Russia has asked PIA to pay the dues.

On the other hand, social media users asked the Pakistani government why this “shameful situation” occurred. All of this happened at a time when Pakistan was facing a massive economic crisis. Meanwhile, the State Bank of Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves fell by $2.915 billion at the end of March. Inflation has been reduced to 13.8%. The Pakistani rupee rose from 186 to 202 against the dollar last month.

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