Patrick Mahomes Announces Kansas City’s World Cup Bid

Patrick Mahomes Announces Kansas City’s World Cup Bid
Patrick Mahomes Announces Kansas City’s World Cup Bid

In the world of the NFL, who doesn’t know Patrick Mahomes? Well, I hope you don’t count yourself on that list. The 2018 NFL MVP is a true superstar of the game. He plays for the Kansas City Chiefs. In fact, during the 2019-20 playoffs, he led the Chiefs to Super Bowl LIV. This was his first Super Bowl appearance in 50 years. Mahomes also won the Super Bowl MVP award. In fact, in 2020 the Chiefs signed him to a 10-year deal worth $503 million. This made Mahomes the second largest known contract in the history of the sport.

So it’s easy to understand how important Patrick Mahomes is to the Chiefs. So it seems only natural that he should be the one to share the news that Kansas City will be one of the host cities for the 2026 World Cup. Kansas City is not a big place. However, it is a major center of American football. In fact, when selecting the venues, the great infrastructure of the stadium was prioritized, as well as a rich footballing tradition.

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In these respects, Kansas City stood out. And who can be a better option than Patrick Mahomes to announce the news of his adoptive city? Follow the link to see Mahomes reveal the big news:

Read the article to know more about the great news.

Why did Kansas City get the offer?

For the 2026 World Cup, eleven US cities received bids. These eleven cities include: Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Miami, New York (New Jersey), Philadelphia, San Francisco (Bay Area), and Seattle. In fact, all of the NFL stadiums in these eleven cities are eligible to host World Cup games. In addition, all these cities have a rich football history. Therefore, the selections made by FIFA seem to hit the mark.

Kansas City is a rich soccer hub with a glorious history. Beginning as the Dallas Texans in 1960, the club became the most successful franchise in AFL history. Over the years, the club has been associated with such greats as Len Dawson, Bobby Bell, Buck Buchanan, Johnny Robinson and now, obviously, Patrick Mahomes.

Also, the legend of Lamar Hunt is still gloriously marching in town. Lamar Hunt was the founder of the Kansas City Chiefs. In fact, the US Open Cup is named after him. So it would have been a real shame if Kansas City didn’t get the offer.

What it means for Kansas City

What It Means For Kansas City
Patrick Mahomes Announces Kansas City's World Cup Bid 2

It is always a rare honor to host World Cup matches. Indeed, it is a rare honor for all the selected venues. Kansas City is no exception here. It is a great opportunity for them. However, Kansas City also has a unique reason to celebrate.

In fact, Kansas City is the only city in the Midwest region to earn a World Cup bid. Some other places like Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus and the Twin Cities also participated in the race. But they ultimately failed to make the cut. The fans were sad that they could never host a Super Bowl. But the World Cup bid has given them a bigger reason to celebrate. In fact, Patrick Mahomes was not the only athlete to announce the news. However, his announcement meant something special for the Chiefs.

final lines

Patrick Mahomes has always been a special player for the Chiefs. He is very popular in the city. So when the city landed a World Cup bid, there was no better person than Patrick to announce the news on social media. However, this is a big challenge for Kansas City. In fact, organizing World Cup matches is never an easy job. All eyes will be on them.

So it remains to be seen how Kansas City does justice to its rich football tradition. Like all of us, Patrick Mahomes may also set his sights on him at games organized in his adopted hometown. Let’s hope everything works out for Kansas City.

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