Pee Nak 3 screening schedule, here is the synopsis

Pee Nak 3 screening schedule, here is the synopsis
Pee Nak 3 screening schedule, here is the synopsis

Pee Nak 3 Screening Schedule: Pee Nak 3 Movie is a series of horror movies from Thailand that is currently awaiting screening. Pee Nak 1 and also Pee Nak 2 were also quite successful in the market.

Making Pee Nak 3 release is highly anticipated by many people, especially Thai Lovers. If you intend to watch the Thai movie Pee Nak 3, you must listen to the following discussion.

Because this time I will explain the synopsis, the screening schedule of Pee Nak 3 and the cinema that Pee Nak 3 will screen. Check out the review below.

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Pee Nak 3 Screening Schedule

Jadwal Pemutaran Pee Nak 3.
Pee Nak 3 screening schedule, here is the synopsis 3

Pee Nak 3 is a Thai horror film directed by Phontharis Chotkijsadarsopon. This Thai horror movie stars a series of famous Thai stars. Among them are Rinat Abushaev, Sim Kyutae and also Phiravich Attachitsataporn.

This film has been shown in Thiland since May 12, 2022. When will Pee Nak 3 be shown in Indonesia? Pee Nak 3 movie will be shown in theaters in Indonesia on June 15, 2022. From now on, you can watch Pee Nak 3 movie.

Synopsis Pee Nak 3

The movie Pee Nak 3 tells the story of a terrible curse from an ancient spirit that appears due to a gold anklet. In this film, a group of young people must fight to the death to break the curse.

Initially, the curse began when a gravedigger named Peace Aod found a gold anklet in a temple. Peace Aod took the gold anklet home with him because he thought it was very valuable.

The gold bracelet apparently brought disaster, Peace Aod was actually struck by a terrible curse. The curse caused Peace Aod to have a high fever, pain all over his body, and also his skin turned into snake scales.

The stolen gold bracelet apparently evokes a ghost named Nak Kam. In reality, he is a monk who fell victim to a curse from the spirit of the first Pee Nak. The adventures of Peace Aod and his friends to break the curse will of course be very interesting.

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How to watch Pee Nak 3

Cara Nonton Pee Nak 3
Pee Nak 3 screening schedule, here is the synopsis 4

Where can you watch Pee Nak 3 movie? For now, the Pee Nak 3 movie will only be shown in theaters, it is not available on official streaming platforms yet. You can also watch the Pee Nak 3 movie at the CGV cinema.

You can also buy Pee Nak 3 tickets directly at the theater. If you don’t want to run out of tickets, you can also order online through CGV, TIX, GoTix, ID and other apps. Because it has started playing, so you can start ordering movie tickets for Pee Nak 3 movie from now on.

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the last word

Hence the discussion this time about the release date of the film Pee Nak in Indonesia. Hopefully this discussion can be useful for you and you can also find out when Pee Nak 3 movie will air in theaters in Indonesia.

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