“People remember I’m scared to get married, for God’s sake I did it for the kids…”- Joey Daud- Satkoba Press

“People remember I’m scared to get married, for God’s sake I did it for the kids…”- Joey Daud- Satkoba Press
“People remember I’m scared to get married, for God’s sake I did it for the kids…”- Joey Daud- Satkoba Press

Sebak listened to the sincere confession of this comedian named Joey. Honestly admitting, when he was busy with pranks, he was so careless that he forgot his responsibilities.

Three times married but unsuccessful, Joey, who has three children from a previous marriage, fell behind at a young age. Now everything is great and some have entered the age of 20 years.

Although they are not together, they are still in contact. But an incident startled him and he kept thinking behind the incident.

“Once, boys have to be needed by their friends and also by their own teachers for the behavior of their own parents who act out and touch women.

“At that time, the children were still in school. They called me and asked if I could act like this. That’s when I realized that apparently I had a son.

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“So every time I get an offer, I ask not to have extreme contact with actresses. At the time people thought I was scared of my wife. People don’t really know, for God’s sake I did it for the children.

Meanwhile, Joey also apologized to his three children.

“I want to apologize to my children, Wawa, Awin and Zidani. My dear father believes all of you. Believe me, you are always in my father’s heart.

“Throughout my life, there are two hard things that I want to do, which is raise a child and have a career as a comedian. People see me happy and it amuses everyone.

“If I do something that is not funny, I will be criticized, but I accept it. But what is unacceptable when children criticize me is unacceptable because I know that I am guilty.

“Forgive me because we haven’t been together all this time, and thank God I was able to meet you. In fact, I already have a grandson. Alhamdulillah I AM VERY GRATEFUL to be able to meet the children. THANK GOD for meeting me again with my children.

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Interesting facts about Joey

Joey used to be a member of a marching band formed in Johor by the Mistaken Identity Group that played a lot at weddings.

His vocal talent was identified when Mistaken Identity entered the Battle of The Band style competition, where the current jury was a close acquaintance of Datuk M. Nasir.

The individual then recommended and took Joey to meet the famous composer and Datuk M. Nasir continued to feature him as a solo artist.

After discussions, Mistaken Identity agreed to release Joey as a solo artist under the guidance of sifu Datuk M. Nasir under the Luncai Emas label.

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Joey used to be the vocalist for Exists Group after Exists’ vocalist at the time, Ezad Lazim, left the group.

His career as a singer and under the auspices of Luncai Emas Sdn Bhd managed to produce two albums Beradu Suratan in 1994 and Joey in 1996.

The results of their songs managed to penetrate the Indonesian music market with total album sales of around 700,000 units.

Joey has been married three times but failed. He eventually married Watie Sadali, who was also a member of the Elite around 2012.

Through a previous marriage, Joey has been blessed with three children ages 12 to 27, as well as two grandchildren.

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