Personal Assistant ded4h Adibah Noor’s Last Moments in Hospital – Comedy Media

Personal Assistant ded4h Adibah Noor’s Last Moments in Hospital – Comedy Media
Personal Assistant ded4h Adibah Noor’s Last Moments in Hospital – Comedy Media

Kuala Lumpur: “At 6pm, 4rw4h was out of breath. I taught him to speak and he was very good.

“After that, I called the doctor and the nurse, then, for a moment, he was gone. He’s happy to go,” she said.

That’s what Adibah Noor’s personal assistant known as Tod shared at the last moment with AIIahyarham Adibah Noor.

Tod, who has been serving Adibah for 17 years, said AIIahyarham’s condition today is fine.

Just this second therapy made him feel like his whole body was numb. He is not very well but this morning (last night) he ate well and everything was fine.

“While he was taking his last breath, I was outside because the doctor was doing emergency treatment. I didn’t even think he was going to leave.

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“4rw4h is good and very easy to work with. AIIahyarham was diagnosed with uterine cancer and underwent surgery in April. He also had chemotherapy time twice and his spirits are strong,” he said.

Meanwhile, Adibah’s body was brought back to his home in Keramat Permai at around 10:30 last night to allow his family and close friends to pay their last respects.

The body will be taken to Al Ansar Mosque, Keramat at 9 am to be bathed and shrouded and then dis0latkan.

The remains will be buried at Tanah Perku.buran IsIam ​​Tanah Keramat Permai around 10:30 am.

These are Adibah Noor’s last words on social media.

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KUALA LUMPUR: About 10 hours ago, Adibah Noor was still active on Twitter.

However, what he did again was to help a cat owner who was waiting for help.

At 7:45 p.m. this afternoon, the versatile interpreter breathed his last.

Those who follow Adibah on social media should know that the ‘Terlalu Isti.mewa’ singer is one of the celebrities who is often ‘tagged’ in the cia.pan of people who need help.

This is because he himself never counted on trying to lend a hand, even through repeated ci.ap.

Five days ago, AIIahyarham made an update on Twi.tter saying that she was no longer able to provide assistance.

It is believed to be a response to people waiting for help to care for their cats due to a lack of sources of income.

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“Sorry. This time I can’t help because I’m in need myself,” AIIahyarham wrote.

The last status uploaded by AIIahyarham was three days ago, which conveyed a speech of condolence and sadness at the passing of veteran actor Hamid Gurkha.

Last week, Adibah appeared on media to report that her fitness is losing weight due to following a diet that reduces sugar intake.

AIahyarham died at the age of 51 due to ovarian cancer.

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