Phantom Microzark FF Pack, here’s how to get it easily! –

Phantom Microzark FF Pack, here’s how to get it easily!  –
Phantom Microzark FF Pack, here’s how to get it easily! –

Microzark FF Ghost Pack – Speaking of the Free Fire game, there is always something new and of course it will never end to discuss it. If yesterday the players were excited about the Evo Gun MP40 Predator Cobra, this time you should know that there will be a bundle that will make your game more exciting, namely the Phantom Microzark FF Bundle.

You definitely haven’t heard of this pack yet, this is because it will only be released through the Faded Wheel event. This event itself is famous among FF players because the prizes that are presented are always new and deserve to be won. As usual, players who want to participate in this event must first prepare diamonds.

Oh yes, the Phantom Microzark FF Bundle prize is the main prize, you can try your luck with 1x spin which is priced at 9 diamonds, what do you think? Are you ready to follow him? Let’s find out how to get the next package.

Tentang Ghost Microzark Free Fire

Microzark Ff Ghost Pack

This pack has its own features that look stylish with an awesome purple color choice, gray hair, glasses, gloves, shoes, and long clothes like a black robe making the Phantom Microzark pack even cooler.

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As you know, each package has its own advantages, so what does the latest package have in September 2021?

In general, our team has not tested it either, because the release of this pack will take place tomorrow, exactly on September 18, 2021 at the Faded Wheel event. As usual, anyone has the right to participate in this event and there are no restrictions, so you can join tomorrow.

In this event, there are also many prize options, which means that it is not only the Phantom Microzark FF pack, but the interesting thing is that you can eliminate 2 unwanted prizes so that the chance of getting this great prize is very high. But going back to the beginning, the turning method is unpredictable, so all the players cannot determine their own destiny to get the package.

But do not despair because usually the Free Fire admin will award the main prize at the end of all the spins the player makes, which means that if the player has made the maximum number of spins presented as terms and conditions for FF, then for the last spin the main prize is usually given. .

To make as many spins as the FF terms and conditions are, you definitely need a lot of diamonds, this is because every time you spin, the price will keep increasing and will apply to multiples like this spin, starting with 9 diamonds and so on. in.

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Although this is predicted by the luck factor, but there is no need to despair because all players are the same, that is, whoever is lucky can get it even if it is only 1 spin. Alright, let’s see how to spin to participate in the event.

How to get the Phantom Microzark FF Pack

In order to get it, whether you like it or not, you need to participate in this event, as for the steps, that is, as usual, that is, enter your ff account and follow the steps below.

  1. the first is not FF account Us.
  2. Then in the app menu select event faded wheel.
  3. You then enter the event and choose the prize you don’t want, a maximum of 2 prizes.
  4. If you have determined how many turns you will make.
  5. As experimental material, it is better 1x turn only that is 9 diamonds.
  6. If your diamond has 9 diamonds or more, the spin process will start and the prize will be randomly generated, good luck.
  7. Good luck.
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So far, you have successfully participated in the event and have a chance to get the prize provided by Free Fire, namely the Phantom Microzark FF pack as the main prize.

For those of you who like the latest pack collections, you must join this event and not miss it. Oh yes, until now we don’t know when this event will end, so it’s better to prepare to join the event tomorrow morning and prepare as many diamonds as possible.

Instead of being curious about the perks of this pack, you just need to get it by participating in the event and if you are lucky and get it, you can play it right away. Oh yes, this kind of information is of course very important for you to update the latest information about Free Fire.

For those of you who love FF, you must continue to visit our site and God willing, we will provide the latest information on Free Fire so that you are the first players to know.


Let’s get the Phantom Microzark FF Bundle tomorrow morning by doing a spin with 1x spin of 9 diamonds, hopefully with just 1 spin you can be lucky enough to get the main prize, OK.