Pre-Employment Wave 33 Let’s Register Immediately

Pre-Employment Wave 33 Let’s Register Immediately
Pre-Employment Wave 33 Let’s Register Immediately – Hello, please meet again with the administrator, who will give you the latest information, which is definitely a pity that you miss it.

Wave 33 Pre-Employment officially opened today. For those of you who are interested, hurry up and sign up via the link the admin has provided.

The Pre-employment Card has reopened the registration for lot 33. This information was transmitted through the official Instagram of the Pre-employment Card program.

“Not only former students deserve to be happy today, those who have not registered for a Pre-Employment Card should be happy too! Gas! Wave 33 is now open! Immediately click ‘Join the wave’ on your dashboard!” Instagram Caption

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Requirements for the registration of the pre-employment card

Pre-Employment Wave 33 Let'S Register Immediately
Pre-Employment Wave 33 Let’s Register Immediately

The following are the requirements for the list of the 33rd wave of pre-employment card programs as reported on the official website:

  • Indonesian citizens over 18 years of age.
  • Currently not pursuing formal studies.
  • They are looking for work, workers/workers who have been laid off, or workers/workers who need to improve their job skills, such as laid-off workers/workers and non-salaried workers, including micro and small business actors.
  • Not another welfare recipient, during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • No state officials, DPRD leaders and members, ASN, TNI soldiers, National Police members, village chiefs and village officials and Directors/Commissioners/Supervisory Boards in BUMN or BUMD.
  • A maximum of 2 Population Identification Numbers (NIK) in 1 Family Card (KK), which is the recipient of the Pre-Employment Card.

How to register for Wave 33. Pre-employment card

  1. Open the site in the browser of the device you are using.
  2. Sign in, by email if you have already created an account. Otherwise, create an account by filling in your username and password and following the prompts.
  3. Please prepare an identity card to fill in personal data, such as uploading a photo of the original ID card, family card (KK), cell phone number and other personal data for verification.
  4. Prepare to take a basic and motivational skill test.
  5. If you can login, click “Join Wave”. Click on the currently open wave.
  6. Then wait until there is an announcement of the passing participants.

That’s the information about the requirements and how to register for a pre-employment card for wave 33, which officially opened registration.

the last word

Therefore, the information that the administrator can provide, hopefully, the above information can be useful to everyone who has read this article.

Pre-Employment Wave 33 Gallery. Register Now