Price Specifications Advantages and disadvantages of Yamaha Xeon RC

Price Specifications Advantages and disadvantages of Yamaha Xeon RC
Price Specifications Advantages and disadvantages of Yamaha Xeon RC – Hello, friends, automotive lovers, meet again with the administrator, who will present information on the latest automotive news for all of you regarding Price Specifications Advantages and disadvantages of Yamaha Xeon RC.

Xeon Yamaha or Xeon RC Yamaha Latest Specifications, Prices, Advantages and Disadvantages. Who has not heard of the Yamaha motorcycle company?

Yamaha is one of the most well-known motorcycle manufacturers that makes various types of motorcycles that are a favorite among car lovers, not to mention the Yamaha Xeon, which is a trail bike that is sought after by online motorcycle buyers.

In fact, our results show that the key to making a Japanese car company famous for its cherry blossoms is revealing the key.

We will provide information on the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the specifications of the RC xeon, which you may need to complete your knowledge of this particular engine. The latest pricing information can also be viewed below.

Yamaha RC Xeon Kuning

The Sale Price Of Yamaha Xeon Rc Is Only 5 Million

First, we will discuss some of the features that make these Yamaha motorcycles so special. & has become one of the most popular specifications among car lovers in Indonesia and around the world. Many unique elements that can be the core of this Xeon motorcycle, highly demanded by lovers of automatic motorcycles.

In the midst of an endless battle between injection technology and the automatic motorcycle business. Yamaha produces a large number of automatic bicycles. The new Xeon rc, also known as the yamaha xeon, has more advanced features than its predecessor. Here are some of the features you can read about:

characteristic xeon

Aerodynamic coverage (headlights)

The fighter jet-inspired headlight design is the first feature you’ll see on this Xeon motorcycle. What is clear is that Yamaha’s architectural expertise and design concepts are cool and futuristic.

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When drivers use the system’s automatic headlights to comply with traffic laws and regulations, they are protected from traffic police raids if they don’t turn on their lights.

Large Capacity Luggage

With a large trunk, you can store various items in the trunk of your new xeon rc. All items can be thoughtlessly entered into this yamaha xeon rc without losing anything. The helmet must also be there, it can also be used as a fish pond, hahaha.

Smart lock system (Security)

When you ride a self-driving motorcycle to the top with this airplane idea, you can be safer with this smart lock feature. It’s true that Yamaha can read its surroundings by paying attention to every detail of its motorcycle’s design.

In addition, the security lock with built-in lock shutter system makes your motorcycle safer when traveling, and the double security lock can make your motorcycle more sturdy and safer.

After Burner Jet Tail Lamp is a new feature on the new Xeon

The new Yamaha Xeon RC taillights have a distinctive, modern look that is more advanced and athletic, as well as brighter but less dazzling.

Striped designs and bright colors, for example, can give a design a more modern, fresh, and new feel. The Yamaha Xeon RC is much more sophisticated thanks to colorful wheels in each of the basic color variations. On the straight road, when the engine has a lot of power in the geber.

. This latest xeon motorcycle engine uses YMJET-FI injection engine technology and has a capacity of 125cc. It is also equipped with an ECU (Electronic Control Unit) that allows an increase in power of 11.4 hp and torque of 10.4 Nm compared to the previous xeon model.

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Xeon is 8% more agile than the previous generation thanks to its engine technology. The number one fact about the Yamaha New Xeon is that the Japanese manufacturer has re-entered the vehicle industry in the automation sector.

Which features a more inventive production of a more aggressive external design that looks sportier, more modern and comes in various colours.

The Yamaha Xeon RC FI carries a concept aircraft inspired by the F117-Nighthawk fighter aircraft known as a stealth aircraft, based on the design of the lights and the design of the front cover.

• The fact that the yamaha xeon rc is available in various models and colors.

The confusion, an indication that Yamaha is coming back stronger, has once again produced some extraordinary work with a variety of color options that are mixed and matched to make the design more appealing.

Victorious Red is a combination of red and white, Regal Purple is a combination of purple and white, Dazzling Black is a combination of black and yellow, Cosmic White is a combination of white and orange, and Thunder Bolt is a combination of blue and white. .

• The trunk can be used as a swimming pool, according to the figure of tsalis.

Half-face helmet with trunk that allows users to store objects in the trunk or seat of the motorcycle without having to carry them in front.
• Last but not least, this motorcycle stands out for its elegance, offering an alternative to captivate lovers of automatic motorcycles, as seen in the following image.

Some of the above features are also the advantages of the yamaha xeon rc or the new xeon rc, proving that this yamaha motorcycle is definitely a forward-thinking machine.

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Even when talking about flaws or shortcomings, you will not see it discussed in detail because it is inherent in each manufacturer’s product. Although here are the specifications of this automatic bike:

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Yamaha Xeon RC Specifications

  • Wheelbase 1265mm
  • 135mm is the shortest ground clearance.
  • Seat height 760mm
  • Filling weight: 101kg
  • The fuel tank has a capacity of 3.8 litres.
  • Type: Liquid-cooled SOHC four-stroke with two valves.
  • Number/Location of Cylinders: Single Cylinder
  • Silver volume: 124.86 cm3
  • 52.4 x 57.9 mm diameter x steps
  • Compression ratio 10.94:1
  • 9,000 rpm / 11.4 hp (8.4 kW) maximum power
  • Maximum torque 10.4 Nm (1.06 kgf.m) at 6500 rpm

After a thousand jargon motorcycles have been discussed under the title Yamaha Xeon RC Specifications, Prices and Advantages, the current weakness is, of course, how much does Yamaha cost for this product?

Compared to the previous xeon, the price is reduced by $1 million. Priced at $15 million, you can take this new xeon rc home with ease.

Previously, the specifications, prices, advantages and disadvantages of the latest Yamaha New GT 125 Eagle Eye were also written in 2014, and a thousand rather comprehensive slang bikes have been written for readers and car lovers, hopefully I can help you get everything. . better information


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